Ambassadors give their support to AMM 2012


Ambassadors give their support to AMM 2012

Trade and diplomatic representatives from Belarus, the UK, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Japan, and Russia are among those to have given their official backing to Astana Mining and Metallurgy 2012 and the Kazakhstan Mining and Metallurgy Days.

Their contribution to the success of the event includes providing media support, notifying companies and organisations in their countries about AMM and the Days, and sending welcome letters to participants and visitors of the events signed by the Ambassadors of the supporting countries.

David Moran, British Ambassador to Kazakhstan: “It is clear that Britain has much to offer in the mining sector. We are present and active in Kazakhstan!”

Steven Millar, Canadian Ambassador to Kazakhstan: “Canada and Kazakhstan are mining countries, with much to learn from each other’s experiences. It is for this reason that the Embassy of Canada continues to be an ardent supporter of the AMM, which brings together a wide variety of stakeholders, both Kazakhstani and international, to discuss key issues in the global mining sector which touch upon a variety of economic, social and industrial issues.”

Dr Guido Herz, German Ambassador to Kazakhstan: “Germany as an important supplier of technology is fostering the development of the mining and metallurgy sector in Kazakhstan. The recently concluded bilateral agreement, signed in Berlin, on partnership in the sector of commodities, industry and technology has lifted this cooperation to a new level.”

Yudzo Harada, Japanese Ambassador to Kazakhstan: “On the subject of the mining and metallurgy industry, Japan is sending a large amount of its technology to Kazakhstan to be used in joint projects, and in this way is investing in the diversification and modernisation of Kazakhstan’s industries. A particularly encouraging project in recent times has been the joint venture between Sumitomo, Toshiba, and Kazatomprom to extract rare earth metals from uranium ore tailings and liquid effluent.”

The European Business Association in Kazakhstan: “The Astana Mining and Metallurgy Congress has been a prestigious event for the mining and metallurgical industry, highlighting progress, achievements and the latest technological developments.”

Full versions of all welcome letters are available at AMM Welcome Letters.

The Kazakhstan Mining & Metallurgy Days have been organised by the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The 3rd Congress of Workers of the Mining and Metallurgy Industry in Kazakhstan is organised by the Association of Mining and Metallurgy Enterprises of Kazakhstan in partnership with the Union of Workers of the Mining and Metallurgical Industry.

Astana Mining and Metallurgy is organised by Iteca and ITE Group plc, and is officially supported by the Astana City Administration, Tau-Ken Samruk, the Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund, and the National Centre for Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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