AMM 2021 Participants Feedbacks

Timur Khassanov, Marketing and PR Director, Tech Garden

Taking into account long break and impossibility to arrange off-line events, emotions from Congress participation are only positive. On-line events did not convey the atmosphere that was here during these two days. Our company got all the results we were aiming for. The exhibition allowed coming here with potential contracts, and at this very Congress we signed two memorandums, two draft agreements and one road map for cooperation with industrial enterprises. Since Autonomous Cluster Fund “Innovation Technologies Park” deals with promoting and introducing digital solutions at the industrial enterprises, the memorandums signed are aimed at introducing technological solutions of our laboratories in practice. The memorandum of cooperation will enable us to implement large projects in the future. Being here for the second day, I can say that we were able to meet our partners, our customers, major market players, discuss everything off-line and make decisions for our mutual cooperation. We will definitely come next year, after having prepared new topical solutions expanding the scope of our activities and possibilities of cooperation with the MMC enterprises.

Bauyrzhan Mudarissov, MSA – Minerals Consulting LTD

We really enjoyed participating at the exhibition АММ 2021. Due to the break in off-line events, all business meetings were held in on-line format and people missed the live dialogue. Of course, off-line is what we're all used to, it's classic communication. Just to shake hands with someone, look them in the eye, hug a loved one, in the end. AMM brings together dear faces of professionals, industry experts. All those who are related to each other. That's why every meeting has its value. It is important to hold off-line events, because the main peak of the pandemic is over, and I can safely say that we need to move to full off-line contact. The purpose of our participation this year is to present a new company in the MMC market. MSA – Minerals Consulting offers a full range of services - from geological exploration to the extraction process, i.e. pit optimization. A new player has entered the market and the point of our participation is to demonstrate it. A reliable, professional one that works according to all global standards. We are participating for the first time; the company was established this year. But I attend this exhibition every year, it has become an important event for me, because all the experts, partners, business representatives and state companies gather here. When something new happens, people get interested, because that's how it works. The visitors showed keen interest in our company and already our first contract has been concluded hear. Through participating in AMM, we want to expand the number of contracts and break into the market!

Roman Klyshko, Kcell JSC

АММ exhibition is a remarkable event. It's good to have representatives from different industries here, both from mining and related industries. Many platforms were arranged to discuss various burning topics of the industry and present innovations. This was our first experience of participating in this exhibition and in general we are very happy with the results. Despite the pandemic, we decided to participate because we have solutions for our partners. While the exhibition is a great way to network with colleagues, learn about the state of affairs in the industry, establish live contact, and most importantly, obtain up-to-date information in the field of mining. Due to our participation in the exhibition, we understood the state of the market, needs of our potential customers and partners, and presented information about our innovative solutions. Next year we also plan to participate.

Alexandr Sotnikov, the First Design Deputy Director in DIPCO LLP

This is our first time participating in AMM exhibition. We are quite satisfied with the exhibition, also we have wishes for next years. For example, to make a small analysis by company areas, so that the events of the business program of one subject are not duplicated at the same time, because it is difficult for visitors to choose where to go. Off-line meetings are very productive, in our realities today there are more on-line meetings, unfortunately. But in the off-line format, you can explain on the spot, present your products and services to potential customers. We wanted to exhibit at this year's Mining & Metals CA in Almaty, but we were unable to do so. Our employee went to it as a visitor, and after this we received very good results in the form of calls and feedbacks. That is why we decided to participate in AMM 2021. We have seen from today's exhibition that people are interested in the development of our sphere in Kazakhstan.

Viktor Ivanov, Eastcomtrans LLP

This is the first time our company participates in the AMM exhibition. For ourselves, we considered it as an experimental platform. We are happy with the results of our participation and frankly speaking we have already decided to participate next year and maybe even with a bigger stand. Our company has been the leader in the operation of its own rolling stock for 19 years, in terms of implementing the company's strategy in the short term period until 2025, we aim to develop the containerization of the Kazakhstan railways. At the market we offer innovative products related to the activities of the transport and logistics sector. We see a hundred percent prospect of developing this business here. Last week TransLogistica Kazakhstan exhibition was held in Almaty, everyone missed the off-line meetings. Indicators are the number of stands, exhibitors and visitors. It just struck me how people craved live communication, people need to meet, prove their commitment to the business. We attended a couple of sessions as part of the AMM business program. Certainly, if next year it is decided to dedicate several sessions, meetings, topics on logistics in MMC, this would attract attention from people in the transport industry, and we ourselves would be happy to participate.