Adiya Akhmetova, Deputy General Director of ACF PIT

We traditionally participate in the AMM as a Gold Partner. Expectations from the exhibition are always met and even exceeded; the quality of organization and holding of the event becomes higher and higher every year. The quality of participation of other Congress participants is also improving. We are glad to be a part of this event every year among all the key representatives of the industry.

Serikbay Zhanbolat, ERG

We have been participating in this exhibition every year since the very beginning of its foundation. I think this is an international dialogue platform for us, we were able to establish contacts here with all the companies we work with and with whom we want to cooperate in the future. The exhibition helps us to see in person and discuss the proposals that can be offered to us, and to communicate with each other. The main feature of this year was that we showed a digital copy of our quarry to the Minister of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as other guests. In it, you can see in real time where the equipment, auxiliary equipment, any type of transport and much more are located. Everyone really liked our proposals, and in the future we plan to develop this project and implement a similar initiative in other careers. Such measures are necessary to establish interconnection and continuity. I think that specialists working in the same industry will be able to meet here, discuss and analyze their common problems and find effective solutions for both sides. In addition, I think that a platform for an open, transparent conversation with representatives of the state apparatus can help interested parties understand each other.

Telman Shuriyev, Kazakhmys Corporation

Our company has been participating in this wonderful Congress and exhibition for another year. The purpose of the participation of our Group of Companies is to share the work carried out in the field of production activities, to tell about the necessary activities that have been done. And also to show small and medium-sized businesses what goods we can buy from them, as well as to build a dialogue between small and medium-sized businesses and us. Secondly, it is an open dialogue with representatives of the Ministry on the need to solve systemic problems of the mining and metallurgical industry, as well as their ideological solutions. Such a collaboration gives a certain effect in order to apply the best trends for the further development of our industry.

Dalida Kasymova, Marketing Director of Dassault Systems

We are a leading manufacturer of software, in particular for the design and planning of mining operations. Our portfolio of solutions includes solutions not only for the mining and metallurgy industries, but also such well-known brands as CATIA, ENOVIA, BIOVIA, DELMIA. Our brands are much broader than what we are presenting at the AMM exhibition today. But today, since the exhibition is mining, we are represented by solutions from the GEOVIA line. Actually, these are solutions that help companies from the mining segment to plan and design their mining operations more effectively, and optimize mining plans. The AMM is a key event for the mining and metallurgy industry. We had quite an eventful two days at the exhibition. We have held many meetings with our regular partners, as well as with new customers. There were interesting discussions with potential customers, and we found new partnerships on the site. The exhibition included interesting events of the Congress, which included interesting discussions, forums, panel and strategic sessions. Such events have a positive impact on the development of the industry, and they are also very useful for specialists and companies in the field of MMC.

Victoriya Kryshkina, Marketing Manager of SGS Kazakhstan LTD FE LLP

Our company is the Bronze Partner of the AMM exhibition, and we have been participating in this exhibition for several years. I would like to note the high professionalism and high level of service. We really like this event because there are a lot of our existing and potential customers here. This year everything is organized at the highest level.

Igor Prokashev, Beeline Business

The AMM exhibition was wonderful, we exhibited four of our products that help to digitize the business. We are very glad that our customers liked our solutions and came up with them, the visitors were very interested. We have made good results for ourselves and even concluded some partnership cases. Recently, we had a successful meeting with the Minister of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which proves that such events are the main dialogue field between the state and business. Such exhibitions help to massively show what an integrator, provider can do, what functionality to carry, what products, what solutions to present. Here customers can come, familiarize themselves with the full range of solutions and make the necessary decisions for themselves, which they can use in their work in the future.

Sergey Samteladze, Partner of Beeline Business

It is not the first year that we have been participating in the AMM, and this year we are partners of Beeline. Impressions of the exhibition are very positive, there is a very large attendance, there are people who make decisions. There are quite a lot of business contacts, very good important agreements and great potential for business. First of all, such platforms are networking, exchange of opinions, exchange of communications, there are always some solutions that are interesting to many companies and some kind of synergy is born here.


Samayamutthirian Palaniandy, Nippon Eirich Co., Ltd.:

This is the second time we are taking part in AMM. The first time was in 2018, then we got very good results, and this encouraged us to return. This year we are also satisfied with everything, we have an excellent platform for demonstrating our products and services at our stand. Besides, today we will support our participation with a presentation. Participation in AMM gave a lot of advantages to our company and the brand as a whole. We were able to show and tell a fairly large number of visitors about us. B2B meetings were also productive. We will definitely participate again next year.

Marcin Kusztal, Rajant Corporation:

This is the first time we are exhibiting at AMM this year, but this is our second exhibition in Kazakhstan. This event is much better than the one where we participated last year. We gained lot of contacts, conducted a lot of negotiations, and there was a lot of target audience among the visitors.  I think we will participate next year too. 

Lia Shalina, HIKVISION:

Hikvision is a global supplier in the video surveillance and security industry. We provide video surveillance, access control, turnstiles, barriers, the range is quite large, more than 10,000 items of equipment. We really like the AMM exhibition, there are many potential clients, we have got a very good impression. We participated in B2B meetings. We hope for fruitful cooperation and many orders in the future. I think next year we will also take part in this exhibition.

Galymzhan Nurmanov, Tech Garden:

I thank the organizers for such an event as the AMM Congress. It is annual but this year was the best, excellent B2B meetings were organized, networking is at the highest level. We serve subsoil users and we had a number of new acquaintances with our target audience, with whom we worked out requests in detail, pointwise with each. I also thank the state bodies for taking part in the Congress, because we, as a research institute, always need government support. We reached out both to the state and to our key clients. We are completely changing the model of interaction with clients, our ecosystem is growing. Expect TechGarden 2.0, thanks to such partners, we will achieve great success.

Anton Skorobogatov, Metso:

We participated in the AMM exhibition in Astana this year for the first time, we liked it all very much. Now our company's presence in the Central Asia region has especially strengthened. First of all, our goal was to see our current clients, meet new people, and acquire new contacts. I believe that we have fully achieved our goal, because this congress has provided us with many opportunities. We participated in the roundtable meetings. In Kazakhstan, we work with major enterprises that process minerals, so our target audience was represented in full here. I think that next year we will participate in it and expand our representation at the exhibition and the congress.


Ravil Abdulov, Beeline Kazakhstan:

- Last year our company participated as a delegate, this year we decided to have a stand. If you are an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to invite guests, for example, to have a cup of coffee, to show all the equipment in action. Any presentation with a 15-minute timing cannot do what can be shown on the exhibition stand.  Last year we visited the exhibition, witnessed the scale of the event and realized that we missed the opportunity for participation. This year we knew in advance that we would come as exhibitors.  There are also two delegates from the company, who attended all the forums and sessions and got acquainted with the program. We had the opportunity to talk with our customers face-to-face at the stand, and we had the opportunity to let our guests get acquainted with our products by demonstrating them. This, in my opinion, is an advantage. Next year we plan to attend the AMM Congress in one format or another. I know that your company is constantly developing new formats, and is always ready to explore something more interesting. I believe that these platforms are important for business development, as we meet with clients, and we discuss and implement projects. Often there is a certain level of knowledge that is lacking in order to implement a project. We understand that there is investment in sales and there is investment in knowledge. Such platforms generate just the same kind of investment in knowledge about new solutions, and what new and interesting solutions companies are making. There is no other, more effective way to gain such knowledge.

Ainur Suleimenova, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Kazakhstan Branch:

Last year we participated in the AMM exhibition for the first time. Our company is quite well-known throughout the world, but we came to the Kazakhstan market relatively recently - in 2019. That is why it is very important for us to build a good networking experience. Again, the exhibition helps a lot in terms of positive image-making. Therefore, it is important to participate in this exhibition and we are very grateful to the organizers for this opportunity. Our dynamics is positive since last year, it is possible to look at certain indicators. Because after participating in this exhibition in 2021, we began to hold meetings with potential customers very actively. We have already started negotiations on cooperation with such large companies as ERG and ArcelorMittal. We have already had meetings out of this exhibition. The exhibition is a good place to start working in the market. 

Maria Danilova, Micromine Central Asia:

It is really important for our company to participate in the AMM exhibition, because there are many representatives of the public sector and the majority of subsoil users in Kazakhstan, who use our software solutions. Many large companies such as Kazakhmys, Altynalmas, ERG are our clients; we have been cooperating with them fruitfully for a long time. This format of events allows us to keep a positive image of our company, to meet new customers, new friends, meet and maintain business contacts, and also show our updates. Every year we have new versions of software products, improvements, and fixes for some bugs. Accordingly, we can declare it to our users right on the exhibition site.  For all those who are interested in our solutions - we are ready to demonstrate updates in this way. For someone, it helps to solve production problems, to build important work points, and accordingly, to improve work performance.

According to the results of AMM, every year we either get new clients, or we extend contracts with current clients. When clients come to the stand, they can see that the company is on the market and currently developing.  This, too, is a very useful advantage of participating in the exhibition. As part of the meetings at the exhibition, or subsequent meetings after AMM, we renew contracts. We've had cases where clients have come in and told us they need to renew their licenses. For example, today our regular client with whom we have been cooperating for many years came to us and asked about renewing the license for the next year. We agreed on a partnership right there. I believe that there is a positive dynamic from participation in the AMM exhibition.

Rail Fatkullin, Swiss Tower Minerals AG:

Our company is participating in the AMM exhibition for the first time. Our industry is a narrow circle, the benefits of participation in such exhibitions are widely known in our environment. Most of the subsoil users here are our potential customers. So thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to participate and meet with potential customers and partners. There were B2B meetings organized as part of AMM, where we met and learned about the companies. We have had contact with someone before, and we had the opportunity to meet someone here for the first time. We talked about our opportunities, and discussed our potential projects. This was really helpful to us, we really hope for a successful continuation of these meetings and contracts in the future. 

Alexander Zarubin, Honeywell ACS:

We are participating in the AMM exhibition for the first time. We really enjoyed the level of the event and had very interesting meetings. We had conversations with our potential customers. In general, we find the experience of participating in this event very exciting and useful for us. I think we will also take part in the coming years, because we understand that this platform plays an important role in the MMC industry.

Bakhtiyar Yussupov, Hikvision Kazakhstan

We are taking part in the AMM exhibition for the first time. It was a very valuable experience for us. We have been working with the participants of the mining and metallurgical sector - this market segment for a long time. We have implemented many projects. We consider the exhibition to be a platform for networking, respectively, for discussing new possible projects. Therefore, it was very useful and informative. The pandemic is over now, and everyone misses the offline format of events. That is why I would like to thank the organizers, everything was organized at the highest level. I attended B2B meetings held during the Congress. It was a very good decision on the part of the organizers, because there were meetings directly with existing partners, with whom we have worked before, as well as we met new potential customers. It was very helpful and valuable for our company.