The next meeting of World Mining Congress (WMC) Organizing Committee will be held at the 2014 AMM Congress

The next meeting of the Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress (WMC) will take place as part of the 5th International Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress (AMM, June 12-13, 2014, Astana, the Independence Palace)

This decision was taken in Montreal in anticipation of the 23rd World Mining Congress (August 11-15, Montreal, Canada). The unanimous choice of Astana as the place for the 25th WMC in 2018 was also important news for Kazakhstan.

It is significant that next year members of the WMC Organizing Committee will arrive in Astana and actively participate in the AMM's Anniversary Congress and The Days of the Mining and Metallurgical Complex of Kazakhstan.

The World Mining Congress is the most important global event in the mining sector. The Congress has been held once every 2-3 years in various places since 1958. Over the history of the congress the number of states participating has increased from 10 to 49, and this number continues to grow.

In 2012, the AMM Congress was visited by Jozef Dubinski, the Chairman of the WMC International Organizing Committee and the Director General of the Mining Institute.

At one of the press conferences of the 2012 event Mr. Dubinsky said the following: "Looking at AMM from all angles I'd like to say well done to everyone on the organization, logistics and indeed everything. It is valuable that besides business program, there are many informal meetings. I am also personally grateful for the tour of Astana, a really beautiful city".

As is tradition the AMM congress opens the Days of the Mining & Metallurgical Complex (MMC) of Kazakhstan. The main MMC organizer is the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry and New Technology. The AMM Congress is organized by the Kazakhstan exhibition company Iteca together with its international partner ITE Group Plc (Great Britain).

In 2013, the multinational arena of the 2013 AMM Congress and the exhibition became a platform for discussion focused on the central theme of the prospects of technological growth in the MMC in face of unstable global economic conditions. 176 companies from 20 countries and 1200 delegates took part in the 2013 AMM Congress. The exposition presented 33 companies from 6 countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Great Britain, Norway, Turkey and France.

For more details on the WMC Congress please see here the press release of the Kazakhstan Embassy in Canada.

For detailed information on the event please visit the official website:


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