List of the winners of the industrial contest "Golden Hephaestus 2013"

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the fourth National industrial contest "Golden Hephaestus" was held at the gala reception of the Kazakhstan Mining and Metallurgical Complex Days and the IV International Congress Astana Mining & Metallurgy (AMM-2013), at the Rixos President Hotel, in Astana on June 12, 2013.
The organizers are the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan exhibition company Iteca. The general partner of the contest "Golden Hephaestus" is the ENRC Company.

A truly colossal amount of work, which is equal in importance and scale of the whole centuries, was carried out in our country during twenty years of independent development.

Mining and metallurgical sector is one of the basic industries of Kazakhstan. The industry companies supply metal products to more than 30 countries of the world. The State pays special attention to the development of the "small metallurgy" and support for small and medium businesses, for building small plants, workshops, and service companies around large enterprises.

Over a period of four years, from the beginning of the "Golden Hephaestus" Award, theENRC Corporation has been supportingthis initiative and is a General Partner f the Award.

The goal of the "Golden Hephaestus" contest is the recognition of achievements of enterprises and professionals in the field of mining, geology and metallurgy for demonstration and dissemination of positive experience in this area.

Mining and metallurgy comprises the hundreds of thousands of jobs and dozens of new projects a year, output of products worth of billions Tenge, and the guarantee of the development of small towns. Behind all this along with the largest investments are conscientious work, professionalism, and courage of decisions.

This year the number of applicants to the "Golden Hephaestus" contest considerably increased. This points not only to the rising popularity of the Awards for the industry, but also to the growing desire to convey once again to the public the names of prominent professionals and important projects of mining and metallurgical complex.

The organizers express appreciation to all nominees of the "Golden Hephaestus 2013" contest. This year, 117 nominees took part in the contest for the right to receive the "Golden Hephaestus" award.

At the solemn ceremony, 12 winners received awards in the form of gold-plated statuettes, in the presence of foreign guests (speakers and delegates of Congress AMM-2012) and the heads of domestic mining and metallurgical industry. Four categories provided for monetary awards.

The winners of the fourth national industrial contest "Golden Hephaestus 2013»:

  1. "Geologist of the year"- Galym Garifovich Amirseitov, Deputy Chief of the Resources Management and Strategic Development Office of JSC Financial-investment Corporation Alel.
  2. "Miner of the year"- Nikolay Mikhaylovich Klochkov, Technical Director of JSC Kostanay Minerals".
  3. "Metallurgist of the year"- Murat Bolatovich Zhalgasbayev – superintendent of the ferroalloy smelting shop No.1, Taraz Metallurgical Plant LLP, Sat & Co Group.
  4. "Project of the year" - National Atomic Company Kazatomprom, breakthrough project of the year- Joint venture Summit Atom Rare Earth Company (SARECO) established on the initiative of Kazatomprom.
  5. "Leader of the year for innovation"- On-Olzha LLP
  6. "Leader of the year for local content" Kazakhmys Group.
  7. "Best solution in energy conservation"- JSC Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter.
  8. "Scientist-teacher of the year"- Bayan RakishevichRakishev, Kazakh National Technical University named after Kanysh Satpayev.
  9. "Graduation work of the year" - student graduation work of Svetlana Syedina, Kazakh National Technical University named after Kanysh Satpayev.
  10. "Best journalistic work in print" – SergeyAlexandrovich Gorbunov, correspondent of the"Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" newspaper in Pavlodar region.
  11. "Best journalistic work in TV" - Julia Ledak, Irbistelevision company, Pavlodar.
  12. "Best journalistic work about worker in Mining and Metallurgical Industry "- Natalia Karpova, the article published in the "Express K" newspaper.

Detailed information about the winners of the IV national industrial contest "Golden Hephaestus 2013":

"Geologist of the year" - Galym Garifovich Amirseitov. Galym Garifovich has been working in this profession since 1977.
He started his career as a field works geologist at the Aleshinskoe iron ore field.
In 2012, he took part in exploration work for increment of reserves of Suzdalskoe and Zherek fields. Thus, for Suzdalskoe field, the increment of reserves of up to 2 mln. 116 thous. tons of primarygold ore was obtained. For the Zherek field, the increment of reserves amounted to 712 thous. tons of oxide-bearing gold ore.

"Miner of the year"-Nikolay Mikhaylovich Klochkov. He started his working career in an explosive workshop and gradually went all the way of professional growth.
The length of work in the same enterprise is 33 years, 17 years of which in capacity of a Technical Director.
The project of modernization of the concentration plant of JSC Kostanay minerals under supervision of Nikolay Mikhaylovich was completed in April 2013. Currently, at the enterprise Nikolay Mikhaylovich supervises works on improvement of introduced technical solutions for extraction and concentration of chrysotile fibres, and continued search for new technologies.

"Metallurgist of the year" - Murat Bolatovich Zhalgasbayev – is a qualified promising specialist The ferroalloy smelting shop headed by Murat Bolatovich is the main production unit of Taraz metallurgical plant, which is a member of Sat & Co Group. The plant produces high quality competitive product - ferro-alloys. The output has increased by 67% due to the launch of new furnaces in 2012. The projects in the field of technological process designed and implemented by Murat Bolatovich recognized as advancedand rational. In 2012, the growth of monthly average labour efficiency per person of the ferro-alloys production shop headed by him amounted to 218%.

The "Project of the year" was the most breakthrough project of the year - Joint venture Summit Atom Rare Earth Company (SARECO) - new industrial complex, established on the initiative of the National Atomic Company Kazatomprom in association with Japanese company Sumitomo Corporation. The only new venture in the country, the strategy of which includes the developmentof high-technology industry of rare-earth metals. The launch of this complex is a new stage in the development of the industry. The project will provide waste-free use of mineral resources and environmental safety. The plant for production of bulk concentrates of rare-earth metals is located in Stepnogorsk, Akmola region. Its cost is about 4 and a half billion Tenge, has the capacity of one and a half thousand tons of carbonates of bulk concentrates. In the process of implementation of the project 300 jobs were created, the facilities removed from operation were reactivated,the modernization and reconstruction of production facilities were carried out,funds in the purchase of new equipment were invested.

"Leader of the year for innovation" - On-Olzha LLP. In order to reduce emissions and improve quality of coal delivered, a complex for treatment and concentration of high-ash coal with capacity of 1 mln. tons per year was built in 2011 and 2012in Saryadyr. In addition, theOn-Olzha company has received a patent on the production of ferro-alloys and aluminium silicomanganese. The alloy will be used for production of high-alloy steel.

"Leader of the year for local content" - Kazakhmys Group. In particular, it should be noted thatKazakhmys Group deservedly received the award in the category "Leader of the year for local content" for the second year in succession. The company is a perfect example of support of domestic producers. Kazakhmys makes a significant contribution to the development of local content and support for domestic producers. At the year-end 2012, goods, works and services worth more than 157 billion Tenge were purchased from Kazakhstani manufacturers. Kazakhstani content in the procurement of Corporation Kazakhmys amounted to 62%. The expenses for education, training, and additional training of staff in 2012were about 200 million Tenge, and more than 7.5 thousand workers-citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan were trained.

"Best solution in energy conservation"- JSC Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter. JSC Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter is the only primary aluminium producer in Kazakhstan. It is noteworthy that during the construction of the plant the advanced energy saving solutions were used. It is especially valuable that in 2012, a new project on further reduction of energy consumption was introduced at the Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter. The economic effect of the project was about 263.5 million Tenge. The project provide for a new calculation in all technical and technological characteristics: 1) Change in mixer design; 2) Application of new facing materials that allow to reduce heat loss. 3) Use of new heating elements.

"Scientist-teacher of the year" - Bayan Rakishevich Rakishev. Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Full member (academician) of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. He has teaching experience of 61 years. He created a scientific school in the field of the effective destruction of rocks and development of mineral resources in the mode of their full and comprehensive utilization. Academic advisor of the state research and scientific and technical projects: "Multi-factor analysis of stability of high internal dumps based on numerical geomechanical conditions of shallow-dipping and dipping platforms", "Modernization of technology of blasting operations in open pits using innovative methods of their characterization" and many others.
The work of Svetlana Syedina:"3-D simulation of heading-and-stall method with delivery of ore by means of explosive force and surveying support" was recognized the"Graduation work of the year".

"Best journalistic work in print" – SergeyAlexandrovich Gorbunov, staff correspondent of the"Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" newspaper in Pavlodar region. Sergey Alexandrovich Gorbunov is known for his publications on the work of the industrial enterprises of the region. According to the members of the jury, his articles are distinguished by the expertise, deep understanding of the topic, raising the issues of high societal value. The best material on mining and metallurgical complex among the applied to the contest became the article "The main thing is to find one's own business" about the Pavlodar plant of pipeline valves.

"Best journalistic work in TV" - Julia Ledak, Irbistelevision company, Pavlodar. The work of Julia Ledak, namely "Aluminium of Kazakhstan: there is a growth!" was recognized as the best work.

"Best journalistic work about worker in Mining and Metallurgical Industry" - Natalia Karpova, the articlepublished in the "Express K" newspaper.The jury considered 10 publications, the article "The bogatyr of Kazakhstan's land" was recognized the best of them. The hero of the article became Afanasiy Afanasievich Tomnyuk - a shaftman-recordsman, the honoured worker of JSC TNC Kazchrome. Being seventy-six years old, he still works as a crew chief at the mine "10 years of Kazakhstan's independence" in Khromtau.




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