New exploration company launched in Kazakhstan

KM logo 28A new exploration company, Kazakhmys Barlau, was established at Kazakhmys Holding in November 2018 to replenish and expand the mineral resources base of Kazakhmys Corporation in key regions of activity.

By the decision of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kazakhmys Holding, Eduard Ogai, it was decided to establish a geological exploration company within the structure of the Kazakhmys group on the technical and personnel capabilities of the Corporation’s subsidiaries through the merger of Kazakhmys Drilling and Kazakhmys Exploration.

Gurim Zhumabayevich Nurzhanov, who has considerable experience in the geological industry and previously headed the Kazgeology National Geological Prospecting Company, has been appointed the General Director of the company. Today, in accordance with the Development Strategy, Kazakhmys Barlau focused its activities on increasing the reserves of existing exploration projects and providing new Kazakhmys deposits with total copper reserves up to 5 million tonnes until 2030.

The core values of the company are human resources, respect for the environment, safety at work, and the application of global best practices and standards. The company is focused on geological exploration projects for the search for copper, gold, zinc, lead, and rare earth metals. Already today, to achieve its objectives, the company combines professional personnel and has its own fleet of production equipment, performs a full cycle of geological exploration, including field modeling and the development of a report on the KazRC (JORC) international standards.

At present, Kazakhmys Barlau has started implementation of exploration projects in the area of the main city-forming enterprises of the Kazakhmys Corporation near the Balkhash, Zhezkazgan, and Satpayev. Works are being carried out at 11 sites, of which 7 are on new projects, 4 on existing projects of the Corporation. The total amount of financing projects is about 4 billion tenge.

In 2019, the company planned to carry out drilling operations with a total volume of about 65,000 m, geophysical surveys with a volume of about 1,000, mining operations for 26,000 cubic meters, to conduct laboratory work on 70,000 samples. To date, out of the planned volume, 167 wells have been drilled, of which 25 prospecting and 147 small prospecting wells, 4,583 samples have been selected for sample preparation.

As a result of these works, it is planned to outline a number of objects with potential prospects, the reliability of which will be determined in the process of carrying out further exploration studies. The new exploration company is also focused on the use of advanced technologies and equipment for prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits and data processing, taking into account advanced world experience and standards for geological exploration.

As part of participation in the PDAC international mining exhibition in Toronto (Canada), the management of Kazakhmys Barlau agreed with a Canadian geophysical company to conduct geophysical works in the field season of 2019 using innovative technologies that will be performed in Kazakhstan for the first time.

Taking into account current trends, the Board of Directors of Kazakhmys Holding plans to create in the company a modern geophysical party staffed with high-tech geophysical equipment and software from leading global manufacturers, as well as to implement projects for the automation and digitalisation of processes, the creation of an analytical laboratory of international level and functional networks/equipped core stores. Taking into account foreign experience, Kazakhmys Barlau is considering proposals from junior companies for joint cooperation.

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