Seamless ioGAS integration just the start for Micromine 2020

Logo micromine 260Collaboration between two leading mining software providers, MICROMINE and IMDEX, has brought together detailed geoscience analytics with sophisticated 3D modeling and mine design software to enhance the geological modeling workflow.

MICROMINE worked with its industry peer for several months to integrate output from IMDEX’s ioGAS solution into the next major release of its 3D modeling and mine design software – Micromine 2020 – which will be launched later this year.

The collaboration means geoscientists will be able to directly import ioGAS (.gas) files into Micromine 2020 software to map and model geological domains.

Micromine Product Strategy Manager Mark Gabbitus said the ability to import the files and related geological and geochemical interpretative analysis into Micromine 2020 was a boon for both companies and their thousands of global software users.

“MICROMINE and IMDEX recognize it’s in everyone’s interests to enable the efficient transfer of data between packages,” he said.

“Integrating software with third-party systems like ioGAS not only makes our client’s jobs easier but advances the industry, which MICROMINE values as a thought-leader in the METS sector.”While Micromine 2020 is still under development, Mr. Gabbitus confirmed some of the key features that would integrate with ioGAS included:

  • in-built ioGAS symbol library so that data imported into Micromine looks exactly as it did in ioGAS;
  • downhole data that can bring from an ioGAS .gas file directly into Micromine as points where attributes (e.g material type) can be modeled or displayed alongside geological logging to validate boundaries and contacts; and
  • downhole data displays that effectively show how geochemical properties differ between logged geological units.

In Micromine 2020, drill hole traces can be easily created from downhole points contained in an ioGAS .gas file, this data is then saved as a drill hole database in Micromine.

With over ten years of development, IMDEX’s ioGAS software has resulted in optimized workflows and easy to use tools that incorporate industry best practices in interpretive techniques. The exploratory data analysis software offers detection of patterns, anomalies, and relationships in your geoscience data. With over 350 commercial clients and 20 government organization users, ioGAS has established itself as a global market leader.

Commenting on the IMDEX MICROMINE software integration Dave Lawie, IMDEX Chief Geoscientist, said: “It is exciting to combine the benefits of these market-leading software packages to provide additional value for our clients. This integration offers seamless integration of ioGAS files and related interpretative analysis directly into MICROMINE 2020.”

MICROMINE will continue to work with IMDEX and its ioGAS team to further refine the integration before Micromine 2020 is released to the market later this year.

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