Kazakh miners support programme for technical, vocational education in Eastern Kazakhstan

Every year more than 40% of school graduates consciously choose to study in colleges, in connection with which the region decided to start transforming the system of technical and vocational education.

“The main goal is to bring vocational education as close as possible to the needs of the regional economy and the new standards of industrial production,” Danial Akhmetov, the head of the region, said at the reporting meeting with the population.

To reboot the technical and vocational education system, until September 1, work will be carried out to introduce "worldskills" management and standards.

Within three years, the colleges will be equipped with modern training technologies and equipment worth 7 billion tenge.

During 2019, with the support of metallurgical giants KAZMINERALS and Kazzinc Competence Centres will be opened, where young East Kazakhstan people will be able to acquire professional skills on the latest equipment.

In addition, for the second year in a row, under the Bilikti Maman project, the region has been providing educational grants for the training of specialists with higher education in specialties in demand in the region. In 2017, 200 grants were allocated, 400 grants for applicants in 2018-19. Last year, for the first time, a state educational order was placed for training personnel with higher education in 46 specialties in demand in the republic’s universities.

“In just five years, 1846 grants for 5 billion tenge will be allocated,” Danial Akhmetov noted. "Today there are positive results. For two years, the outflow of school graduates to foreign universities has decreased three times."

As part of the implementation of the Five Social Initiatives of the Head of State, the opening of 11 student dormitories for 4.6 thousand beds is planned.

Last year, two college dormitories for 700 places were opened in Semey. Currently, the development of design and estimate documentation for 9 dormitories is underway, that is 4 for universities, 5 for colleges. In addition, private educational institutions plan to open 4 dormitories for 670 people.

It is also worth noting that by March 1, 2019, all 655 schools in the region will be equipped with IT classes. By September 1 of this year, installation of school equipment according to the NIS standards will be completed in 378 schools in the region. The work on the program of trilingual education of schoolchildren continues actively.

"Last year, 200 subject teachers began an in-depth study of English with an international exam. This process will also be expanded and in the next three years about 1 billion tenge will be invested for this purpose," Danial Akhmetov, head of the East Kazakhstan region, assured the population.


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