Kostanay Minerals increases production of commodity chrysotile in 2018 by 5%

Kostanay minerals increased the production of commodity chrysotile in 2018 by 5%, the company reported.

"The production of chrysotile of the third and sixth groups in 2018 amounted to 202.7 thousand tonnes. In 2017, this figure amounted to 192.8 thousand tonnes. An increase of 5% was shown," the company said. Kostanay Minerals is the only chrysotile producer in Kazakhstan.

The raw material base of the enterprise is the Dzhetygara chrysotile asbestos deposit. On the basis of this field, the KustanaiAsbest combine was built and put into operation in 1965, which was later renamed to Kostanai Minerals. It is one of the three existing plants producing chrysotile on the territory of the EAEU member countries. In terms of chrysotile asbestos mining, the company ranks fourth in the world.


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