Aksu plant to increase factory area, and invest more than 3 billion tenge

Aksu Ferroalloy Plant, branch of Kazchrome, part of the ERG, in Pavlodar region, will increase the area of one of the smelting workshops, and invest nearly 3.3 billion tenge in the project by the end of 2019. "This is done in connection with the expansion of the production of chromium alloys," the message says. At the moment, there are four smelter shops at the plant.

In the smelting shop N1, there are six electric furnaces, of which two were involved in the production of chromium alloys, four worked for the production of manganese. Since 2016, due to market conditions, two furnaces of the workshop have been transferred to the smelting of ferrochrome.

“By re-profiling the furnaces, we understood perfectly well what difficulties we would encounter. After all, workshop N1, originally designed and built on slab-free production, does not have the necessary infrastructure. But the plant has always been distinguished by flexibility and timely response to changes in the global market situation. Therefore, it was decided to expand the smelting shop," the director of the company, Sergei Prokopiev, said.

During construction, the length of the shop building as a whole will increase by 48 m, and the building of the warehouse of finished products - by 30 m. At present, earthworks are underway with the arrangement of foundations. The entire electrical part, gas ducts will be moved, the railway and crane tracks of the smelting building will be extended. Another electric bridge crane will be installed in the foundry bay, and additional components of crushing, screening, loading of big bags and other operations will be installed at the finished product warehouse during preparation for shipment of finished products.

A partner in the development of the project was the Ukrainian Institute, Giproprom, and the general contractor of construction and installation work was Stalmontazh. It is planned to complete the expansion of the melting shop N1 in October of this year. According to the results of 2018, the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant increased production by 2.7% and produced 1.12 million tonnes of chromium, manganese and siliceous ferroalloys.

Aksu Ferroalloy Plant is a branch of Kazchrome Transnational Company, part of the Eurasian Group, a metallurgical enterprise for the production of ferroalloys, located in the city of Aksu, Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan.


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