Aksu Ferroalloy Plant to start production of metal concentrate from waste

Mineral Industry Group has scheduled the launch of a project for the recycling of waste from the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant for November-December of this year, pavlodarnews.kz reported on Tuesday, November 13. The company plans to process slag using Russian technology and extract metal concentrate from it, which will be sent back to the production at Aksu Ferroalloy Plant.

The plant has long been engaged in the extraction of metal concentrate from slag. But the proposed Russian technology will use the smallest fraction of 0-10 mm in this process, which was not possible before. Up to 4,000 tonnes will be processed daily. The annual production capacity is about 1 million tonnes. Slag enrichment will be done by the Kazrudprom.

"Slag will be enriched from smelting high-carbon ferrochrome fraction 0-10 mm. Slag accumulates, they do not have time to process it. Our climatic conditions are not the most favourable, as with a light frost, as now, the enrichment shops working on the water circulation shut down, while we can work at a temperature of as low as 35 degrees below zero. This is indeed a real breakthrough in the field of enrichment,” Stanislav Golovin, director of MineralIndastryGrupp, said. It is expected that in five years it will be possible to extract at least 500 thousand tonnes of concentrate.

Reported by ABC TV (Kazakhstan).

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