Kazzinc to invest 112 billion tenge in projects on digitalisation

Kazzinc has approved a digitalisation roadmap, which includes seven projects. Investments will amount to 112 billion tenge.

"The company pays special attention to digitalisation and the introduction of new technologies. The roadmap of Kazzinc on digitisation has been approved, which includes seven projects. For all digitalisation projects, investments will amount to 112 billion tenge," the company said.

The Pitram project on the automated personnel and equipment management system at the Maleevsky mine in Zyryanovsk has already been launched. Other projects will be implemented by 2025.

In particular, according to the company's information, by the end of this year it is planned to complete the implementation of the New Metallurgical Balance project, which provides for the creation of a single information database of production data, digitalisation of the main processes, for example, the distribution of commodity flows and metals in them at different stages of the metallurgical process.

Also until 2019, Kazzinc intends to complete the project on Planning and Budgeting System from RPM GLOBAL for mining. Its implementation will enable scenario modelling and planning of production and economic activities of mines and quarries, periodic automated adjustment of budgets based on actual costs, taking into account changes in prices for materials and services, with optimisation of work plans in different scenarios, the company explained.

The Implementation and circulation of SAP project for a single integrated information system linking business processes, production management and personnel is also being implemented. The implementation deadline is 2019.

In addition, in 2019 it is planned to implement the BigData project for a system making objective production decisions, based on statistical and factual data.

Currently, the Self-learning systems project is also being developed, which involves the use of artificial intelligence technologies to automate and control production processes, as well as making operational decisions.

The Polymetal Zhayrem project was also included in the digitalisation roadmap, which is aimed at applying new technological solutions using modern high-performance equipment in the processing of polymetallic ores of the Zhayrem deposit in the Karaganda region. The implementation period is 2020.

Kazzinc is a large integrated producer of zinc with a larger share of the concomitant output of copper, precious metals and lead in Kazakhstan.

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