For the first time at AMM 2017 - STARTUP Projects area!

logo FinalThe Autonomous Cluster Fund “Park of Innovative Technologies” (ACF “PIT”) has the status of a non-profit organization and is the governing body of the special economic zone “Park of Innovative Technologies” SEZ “PIT”. The activities of the ACF “PIT” is aimed at consolidating and stimulating the demand for innovations, incubating scientific developments and start-ups and attracting investments in the development of high-tech companies.

One of the strategic areas of the ACF “PIT” activity is the creation of Technology Development Centers in priority sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The participants of AMM 2017 will be able to find out more about the activities of the two Centers being established. Thus, the Competence Center for the Mining and Metallurgical Complex (MMC) is being created in partnership with McKinsey & Company. In the near future, the first of the four modules on automation and advanced analytics is expected to be launched, for the implementation of which the cloud platforms of (Great Britain) will be used. The module will develop and test new solutions on “Industry 4.0” (full digitalization of the industrial sector). Further, the remaining 3 modules will be launched and a model quarry of the model ore-dressing plant will be created, where specialists will be trained to use the latest technologies.

At the same time, the Center for new materials and additive technologies is going to be launched in partnership with Materia Inc. The technology partner of the Center is also OCSiAl Group, which has patents and rights to manufacture single-walled carbon nanotubes. The main activities and tasks of the Center: the production of aluminum powders and alloys based on aluminum powders, the use of a new generation of polymers, surfactants, viscosity (additives) modifiers, etc.

Along with this, the possibility of establishing the Geological cluster on the basis of SEZ “PIT”, which will contribute to the complex solution of strategic tasks in the geological industry, is being developed: the formation of the world-class geological structure (certification), the creation of a core storage facility, Big Data of geological data, reduction of financial costs and cutting time for processing geological materials, etc.

The key task of the ACF “PIT” is also the formation of a critical mass of innovative companies. As part of the international acceleration program “Startup Kazakhstan” implemented by ACF “PIT” until 2020 it is planned to incubate 50 high-tech and export-oriented companies. Within the framework of AMM 2017 8 innovative acceleration companies of ACF “PIT” will be presented, which develop solutions for the implementation of elements of Industry 4.0. In particular, these are such projects as Piklema Predictive, a self-learning Cloud platform for on-line predictive analysis of large amounts of data (BigData) from various sources (MES, ERP, ACS) and searching for critical dependencies of this information on the performance and costs of each redistribution of production. Winnum is a platform for monitoring and diagnostics of products, which contains a number of innovative technologies and solutions that make SIGNUM one of the leaders in the market of industrial Internet of goods. The product has been on the CIS market for the second year and covers more than 35% of industrial production of the Russian Federation. OrionM2M - Data network for IOT with low power consumption and long range. Radio communication used for devices and large wireless telemetry networks. For the participants of the Forum AMM 2017 it is an opportunity to get to know the presented developments and evaluate the possibility of implementing these solutions at their enterprises. Thus, the ACF “PIT” lays the foundation for the development of culture of cooperation between subsoil users and domestic companies, which develop innovative solutions. In particular, the ACF “PIT” has an effective tool that allows subsoil users to test this model of cooperation. Through the ACF “PIT” subsoil users are able to try to implement specific innovations due to their obligations in the area 1% of total annual income for R&D. Thus, subsoil users test innovations, and start-ups have the opportunity to integrate into the chain of their suppliers, in case of successful indicators.

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