Iran to invest $30M in Kazakhstan’s geological exploration

Iranian companies intend to invest $30 million in Kazakhstan's geological exploration, the Kazakh Ministry for Investments and Development said April 11.

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"The representatives of the Kazgeology JSC national exploration company paid a visit to Iran," the ministry said.

"During the visit, Kazgeology's representatives signed agreements on cooperation in the fields of geology and subsoil use with such Iranian investment companies as Ghadir International Industries & Mines Development Company, Sadr Ta'amin Investment Co. and SUNIR (Iran Power & Water Equipment and Services Export Company)," the ministry said.

"The sides intend to jointly implement the projects on searching the solid minerals in the promising areas, their evaluation and attracting investments in Kazakhstan's mineral exploration," the ministry said.

The ministry said that Ghadir International Industries & Mines Development Company is interested in big iron ore, polymetallic and copper deposits.

Sadr Ta'amin Investment Co. (a part of SHASTA group of companies) manages a large number of important metal and nonmetal mining enterprises in Iran and aims to increase value through investment on specialized fields including identifying, discovering, excavating, and producing metal and nonmetal ores.

SUNIR (Iran Power & Water Equipment and Services Export Company) has always been ready to perform technical and engineering services in the forms of contract management, engineering, procurement and construction.


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