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EnProTech specializes in comprehensive equipment supplies for laboratories of mining enterprises. We provide in-demand, modern, and technologically advanced equipment and consumables across all areas of operation. Among the top requests is Rocklabs equipment and spare parts. Rocklabs is a world leader in the production of crushers, grinders, and samplers for preparing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium samples.

Why Choose EnProTech for Your Rocklabs Laboratory Equipment Needs?

  • Complete turnkey sample preparation line from a single manufacturer: We ensure quality and continuous efficient operation by providing a complete sample preparation line from a single manufacturer.
  • Original spare parts: We'll source original spare parts for any equipment unit, addressing any issues and meeting your specific needs.
  • Commissioning and startup services: We'll install and commission the equipment in your laboratory, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Efficient logistics: We deliver original equipment to Kazakhstan within convenient time frames.
  • High-quality technical consulting and expert support: We provide comprehensive technical consulting and expert support throughout the entire procurement process.

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OREAS: Your Trusted Source for Certified Reference Materials

When it comes to certified reference materials (CRMs), OREAS is the undisputed leader. This Australian company has been specializing in the production of a wide range of CRMs for elemental composition of ores and rocks for over 30 years. Their products are used for quality control of laboratories conducting chemical analysis of geological samples, which is crucial throughout the entire life cycle of a mineral deposit, from geological exploration to ore extraction and beneficiation.

EnProTech: Your Global Partner for OREAS CRMs

EnProTech is the world's largest distributor of OREAS CRMs by volume of products sold. We are committed to providing our customers with access to the highest quality CRMs available, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of their analytical results.

Key Advantages of OREAS CRMs:

  • High accuracy of certified values: OREAS CRMs undergo rigorous testing and certification by leading international laboratories, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of their certified values.
  • Unparalleled homogeneity: OREAS CRMs are carefully manufactured to ensure exceptional homogeneity, minimizing sample variability and providing consistent analytical results.
  • Stability for decades: OREAS CRMs are designed to maintain stability over time, ensuring their long-term value and reliability.
  • High representativeness: OREAS CRMs are carefully sourced and prepared to represent the true composition of the material they are intended to simulate.
  • Made from natural materials: OREAS CRMs are made from natural materials, ensuring their authenticity and relevance to real-world geological samples.
  • Custom-made samples: OREAS offers the option to produce custom-made CRMs from customer-supplied materials, catering to specific analytical needs.
  • Certified by leading laboratories: OREAS CRMs are certified by leading international laboratories, recognized for their expertise in geoanalytical work.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 17034 accreditation: OREAS maintains ISO 9001 and ISO 17034 accreditation, demonstrating their commitment to quality management and laboratory competence.

Meet EnProTech at Astana Mining & Metallurgy

Meet EnProTech representatives and learn more about OREAS CRMs at the Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress, June 6-7. Plan your visit today!

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