Personnel and business processes safety in the mining & metallurgy sector

The world's leading manufacturer of innovative products and security systems Hikvision will participate at AMM 2023. The company will present intelligent solutions for the safety of the mining & mtallurgy sector at the conference.


Mobile solutions

Comprehensive assistance when driving large-scale vehicles, which includes collision warning, deviation signals and blind spot detection, as well as other functions to improve safety and protect personnel.

Intelligent video surveillance

Hikvision image analytics based on artificial intelligence notifies employees in real time about deviations in the operation of equipment during mining.

Thermal imaging solutions

Thermal imaging cameras help to capture changes in ambient temperature or critical equipment by detecting potential risks such as material or conveyor belts catching fire.

Solar Powed

Video cameras powered by sunlight, which help to ensure reliable control of the territory in places where power cords are difficult to deploy.


About the company

Hikvision offers a wide range of physical security products, including video surveillance, access control and alarm systems.  The company has been included in the A&S Security 50 rating, which includes the 50 best companies in the global security market (No. 1, in the category "Video Surveillance") for several years. We also provide integrated security solutions based on artificial intelligence technology in order to provide end users with new applications and capabilities for security management and business intelligence.

You can personally meet the representatives of the company on June 1-2 at the event site. Schedule your visit now!

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