SGS Launches New Geochemical Laboratory Kazakhstan

SGS is proud to announce the launch of a new geochemical laboratory in Kazakhstan. 

One of the largest SGS laboratories in the Caspian region is being put into operation as part of gold mining company RG Gold’s ambitious project to launch a mining and metallurgical complex at the Raygorodok deposit in the Akmola region. 

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The laboratory, with a total area of 1500 square meters and a design capacity of 30,000 samples per month, includes facilities for:

  • Sample preparation
  • Set chemistry
  • Assay analysis
  • Instrumental analysis

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The following analyses are performed:

  • Assay analysis
  • Determination of cyanides
  • Determination of gold and silver content in cyanide solutions
  • Analysis of gold-containing coal
  • Analysis of doré alloy
  • Determination of the content of related elements in ore and enrichment products

The new laboratory’s staff are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the necessary qualifications and experience. Workers are provided with continuous and advanced training, within the framework of our internal program, SGS Caspian University.

Laboratory work is carried out on reliable equipment from international manufacturers, such as Mettler Toledo, Rocklabs, Alsto, Eltra and Agilent, which have already proven themselves at SGS facilities around the world. 

Safety at work

SGS technical specialists provide constant supervision to ensure the correct implementation of laboratory safety systems. Thus, all fire safety, industrial safety and labor protection regulations are met.

Newly hired personnel undergo mandatory training in occupational safety and in health, industrial and fire safety. All employees are provided with personal protective equipment.

Environmental protection

We support sustainable development and a global green economy. Our laboratories use energy-saving LED lamps. The absolute purification of the laboratory's microclimate is provided by highly efficient air purification systems, a cyanide protection system and a Prolite exhaust system. 

World leader in laboratory management

The accuracy, reliability and transparency of laboratory data, as well as the professionalism of our personnel, make SGS the world leader in laboratory management today. The opening of this complex confirms our commitment to quality and to providing our clients with the best high-quality analytical services.

For further information, please contact:

Damir Maxutov

Business Development Manager

+7 701 348 8954

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