International "Astana Mining & Metallurgy" Congress
20-21 OCTOBER 2021
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Qaz Carbon plant in Karaganda creates 1200 jobs

A former Karaganda foundry has been renamed to Qaz Carbon LLP. According to the plant’s management, the new factory has created new 1200 jobs. It is 100% Kazakhstan content. A large-scale modernization of the plant is still underway.

Outdated equipment including coke cupola furnaces was replaced. New induction furnaces have been installed. The new furnaces allow the production of cast iron and steel of the highest quality without harm to the environment. The produced alloy contains less harmful impurities.

“Up to 140 tons of high-quality foundry products are produced at the plant per day. It is designed to revive engineering, energy, mining and railway industry of the country. For example, this is the only enterprise in the area which produces brake pads for locomotives. The products cover the needs of large industrial companies of Kazakhstan, Russia, and other CIS states,” said Yerlan Nigmatulin Qaz Carbon shareholder. The project is implemented entirely through private investment including foreign.


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