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Eurasian Group to invest €200 million to replace electric precipitators at Aluminium of Kazakhstan

ERG 25 logo 260The project of a phased replacement of gas-cleaning equipment of the sintering shop at the cost of 200 million euro was launched at Aluminium of Kazakhstan, part of the ERG, the press service of Aluminium of Kazakhstan reported. According to the information, an active phase of an environmental project for the phased replacement of electrostatic precipitators aimed at reducing dust emissions has begun at the Pavlodar Aluminium Plant. In early July, the company started dismantling the electrostatic precipitator at sintering furnace №1.

“The project on reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators started at the Pavlodar Aluminium plant, should be regarded as a very important step towards safer and more environmentally friendly production. This is an advanced technology in terms of cleaning industrial emissions from dust. The first two hybrid filters, partly electric, partly bag, will be the pioneers of the environmental upgrade of the Pavlodar Aluminium Plant,” Rinat Sarlybayev, head of the environmental protection department of Aluminium Kazakhstan said.

A large-scale environmental modernization designed for at least 10 years will be handled by ThyssenKrupp, which works in conjunction with PAZ specialists.

According to the environmentalists of the company, the cleaning efficiency of new equipment is 99.99%. The project is implemented in the framework of the new ERG strategy to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. The group strategy will significantly reduce emissions of particulate matter at ERG enterprises and come closer to the air quality standards adopted in the European Union.

"The reconstruction of the first two filters, scheduled this year, will reduce the emissions of particulate matter into the atmosphere by 2,400 tonnes per year," the report says. It is also proposed to replace filters and ash removal plants at the CHP Aluminium of Kazakhstan. Instead of the existing, it is planned to install high-performance bag filters. Filters will also be replaced at the enterprises of SSGPO, ECE, and Kazchrome.

Aluminum of Kazakhstan is a member of the Eurasian Group. The Aluminium of Kazakhstan includes the Pavlodar Aluminium Plant, CHPP-1, the Krasnooktyabr, and Torgai Mine and the limestone mine Keregetas. ERG is one of the world's largest diversified natural resource development companies with fully integrated enterprises in the fields of mining, processing, energy, logistics, and marketing.


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