Rules for exhibitors

As an Exhibition Organizer, Iteca attaches great importance to the safety of the exhibition we are organizing in the context of the continuing risk of coronavirus infection (COVID-19). In this regard, we have prepared rules for the exhibitor in the context of the new safety standards.


  • You must keep personal respiratory protection (masks, respirators) with you when visiting the exhibition, as it is prohibited to enter the exhibition area without a mask.
  • You must have a stock of antiseptics for treating hands and personal respiratory protection (masks, respirators) for yourself and your employees, as they need to be changed as long as the work shift lasts (at least once every 2 hours).
  • In order to speed up the procedure of accessing to the Exhibition, you can provide your visitors/clients with a promo code for pre-registration before they arrive at the exhibition. You can request a promo code from the Exhibition Manager.


  • Please carefully observe sanitary safety measures and social distancing when designing your stand. For example, provide for the minimum required number of staff at the stand, optimize presentation and negotiation areas, etc.
  • Please equip your stand (at entrances/exits and other places where visitors may congregate) with hand sanitizers.
  • Engage as few staff members as possible while installing a stand.
  • Hand tools should not be passed between workers to minimize physical contact.
  • We recommend virtual demonstration of your product range with the help of TV-screens on the walls of the stand.
  • Plan the layout of tables, racks, shelves with respect to the distancing (at least 2 meters), and consider separate entrances and exits to the stand with the installation of appropriate signs and restrictive tape.
  • Calculate the number of exhibitors, visitors and other categories of people present at the stand at the same time, while their arrangement / seating is calculated as 1 person per 4 sq.m.


  • It is recommended that you design your stand so that you can control the number of visitors and staff. Use floor markings and tape to control social distance.
  • Carefully select exhibits to be placed on the stand according to the size of the stand. For example, exhibits facing the visitor passageways will attract the right visitors to your stand and reduce crowding at the stand (booth).
  • It is advisable to create a schedule of pre-scheduled meetings with your customers, if possible.


  • Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that their stands are sanitary and hygienic. Install hand sanitizers at your stands for the use of your employees and guests.
  • Organize disinfection of all contact surfaces at the stand every 2 hours.
  • Before the start of each exhibition day, you should damp clean the staff areas and common areas at the stand with disinfectants.
  • We advise you to set intervals between presentation sessions at your stand of at least 15 minutes for airing and disinfecting contact surfaces.
  • Organize the collection of used personal protective equipment of your staff and visitors at the stand to be disposed of in polyethylene bags as household waste.


  • Because displaying products poses the risk of creating large crowds, it is recommended that you limit the number of products on display and do so only for priority items while respecting social distancing rules.
  • If you have food treats for visitors, please give preference to pre-packaged products.
  • You are kindly requested not to offer beverages at your stand. If you do have them, we suggest using bottled beverages in small quantities.


  • You are kindly encouraged to limit the hand-out of souvenirs and to consider replacing printed brochures and catalogs with virtual and digital media.
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