Location: Nur-Sultan, Sauran street, d. 46, hotel “Hilton Astana”
Date: June 13, 2019, from 12:00 to 15:00 hours, Forum Hall
Organizer: The Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises




Modernization of coal mining and processing, issues of increasing the coal quality, coal chemistry


Kostogladov Leonid Mikhailovich –  Acting technical manager of «ArcelorMittal Temirtau» JSC

Speech on the topic: «Actual questions of coal mine degassing»



Salikhov Ruslan Minulayevich - Chief Project Engineer «TTU LTD» LLC, «Kazakh University of Technology and Business» JSC

Speech on the topic: «The technology of processing low-grade coal for the production of synthetic oil, gas, coke and energy»



Kasenova Zhanar Muratbekovna - Representative of the Institute of Coal Chemistry and Technology LLP

Speech on the topic: «Pyrolytic gasification of solid fuels under underground heating»



Timur Dusehanov - Engineer of «Scientific-research and engineering center of the ERG» LLP
Speech on the topic: «Production of semi-coke and energy in circulating boiling bed reactor»



Morev O.V. - Head of sales in the nuclear industry and metallurgy «Thermo Techno Engineering» LLC

Speech on the topic: «Optimization of coal quality processes. New quality control solutions» (TBC)



Blokhincov Maxim Viktorovich - Head of coal projects of «Foreign Enterprise SGS Kazakhstan ltd» LLP
Speech on the topic: «Monitoring of quality control of the coal enterprise»


Buktukov Nikolai Sadvakasovich - Director Of «Institute of mining named after D. A. Kunaev» - Branch of RSE «National center for complex processing of mineral raw materials of Kazakhstan», doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, academician of NAS RK

Speech on the topic: «The technology of underground gasification of coal with the drilling of wells by supersonic emissions of hydrocharges»



Cherniyazdanov Chingiz Askarovich - Managing Director of Satbayev University
Speech on the topic: «Exploration and production of coal methane in Karaganda region»



Rob Kendall - CPL Industries Chairman
Speech on the topic: «Environmentally clean use of coal. Technology of smokeless coal burning» (TBC)



Q&A section


Environmental issues


Esimkhanov Sungat Kanatovich - Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Speech on the topic: «Prospects for the development of coal electrogeneration in Kazakhstan» (TBC)



Representative of «Samruk-Energy» JSC Speech on the topic: «The prospect of thermal power plants in terms of environmental requirements» (TBC)  


Soloveva Aigul Sagadibekovna - Chairman Of the Board of the Association of environmental organizations of Kazakhstan
Speech on the topic: «Vision and approaches to reduce the environmental impact of the coal industry»



Chris O’Brien - Expert of SRK Consulting
Speech on the topic: «Coal power and regulation in the UK. Past, present and future»



Nurgaliyev Nurken Uteyovich - «Institute of coal chemistry and technology» LLP
Speech on the topic: «Solutions for environmental problems of the coal industry by replacing coal with synthetic gas»



Dr. Johannes Schumann - project Director GIZ
Speech on the topic: «The experience of Germany to improve the environmental performance of coal-fired generation» (TBC)