Rules for stand builders

As an exhibition organizer, Iteca attaches great importance to the safety of the exhibition we are organizing in the context of the continuing risk of Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19). In this regard, we have prepared rules for the exhibitor in the context of the new safety standards.


  • When installing / dismantling, it is necessary to have personal respiratory protection (masks, respirators) and hand protection (gloves). It is prohibited to enter the exhibition area without a mask.
  • Provide antiseptic for treating hands and personal respiratory protection (masks, respirators) for yourself and your employees, taking into account the need to replace them at least every 2 hours.


  • When designing the exhibition stand, please take into account all health and safety measures. For example, social distancing i.e., engaging a minimum number of staff at the stand, reducing the number of materials at the stand and the range of products to display, etc.
  • Provide space for hand treatment with skin antiseptics at the stand.
  • Use different markings, floor markings and tape to control social distancing.
  • Consider placement of exhibits according to the size of the stand. For example, exhibits facing visitor passageways will attract the right visitors to your stand and reduce crowding at the stand.
  • The areas at the stand where visitors are greeted must be designed in accordance with social distance norms (at least 2 meters).
  • Minimize physical contact, the hand tools should not be handed to each other by workers.
  • Provide your stand design with the use of physical dividers in areas where exhibitors plan to have face-to-face meetings with clients or the team.
  • You can use screens on the walls of the stand to hold a virtual demonstration of several products instead of having exhibitors that display products from the entire range.
  • Arrange furniture at your stand, taking into account the distance (at least 2 meters), as well as separate entrances and exits to the stand with the installation of appropriate signage and restrictive tapes.
  • Calculate the number of exhibitors, visitors and other categories of people who are present at the stand and their seating / arrangement as 1 person per 4 sq.m.
  • Design your stand in such a way that exhibitors can control the density of visitors and staff.


  • Installers are responsible for hygiene measures at the stands where they work. Be sure to install informational posters/stands at the stands and hand sanitizers that your employees can easily use.
  • Disinfect all surfaces at the stand every 2 hours: tables, door handles, display cases, racks, tools, etc.
  • Do cleaning of the stand using disinfectants before handing it over to the customer.
  • Organize the collection of used personal protective equipment of your staff and visitors at the stand to be disposed of in polyethylene bags as household waste.
  • Place textual, visual information at the entrance to the stand about the necessity of observing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


  • You are required to provide personal respiratory protection equipment (masks, respirators) and hand protection equipment (gloves) to all employees of your company involved in the installation/dismantling of the stand (booth), as well as monitor their correct use and timely replacement.
  • Please make sure that these personal protective equipment meets the required standards and is kept in hygienic conditions.
  • It is necessary to use face shields when employees are constructing stands, and respect the following rules of their use:
    • Hands must be washed before putting on and taking off the face shield.
    • Face shields should be replaced every day and disinfected before use.
    • If washable, face shields should be washed according to the manufacturer's instructions. If they are not washable, they must be disposed of.
    • One face shield should only be used by one person.