Exhibition in the pandemic

Despite the unstable epidemiological situation, exhibitions remain an important tool for supporting business. The government of Kazakhstan has decided to resume exhibition activities, while strictly observing sanitary norms and using the ASHYQ App (ashyq.kz).


  1. Information about the valid rules of the exhibition is posted on the Event Website, in social media, and regularly sent by e-mail.
  2. Before travelling to Kazakhstan, please read the rules recommended by your country's state authorities for those going abroad.
  3. Please use the floor-plan of the venue and Exhibitor List to schedule appointments in advance. Plan your time at the exhibition carefully.
  4. Please register for the exhibition online and print your e-ticket in advance. Ask exhibitor you are interesting in for a promo code for visitors’ online registration.
  5. Please pay attention to the social distancing. Special markers will be applied on the floor.


  1. If you have any symptoms of SARS or COVID-19 please don’t attend the event.
  2. Please keep your own hand sanitizer with you and use it when entering the Exhibit Hall, the Business Program Area, and any area with a high people concentration. If necessary, use public sanitizers, which will be available in all of the above locations.
  3. In accordance with the current sanitary requirements in Kazakhstan, you must wear medical masks at exhibitions and in any public places. You are kindly requested to use masks at the entrance to the Exhibition Halls and Business Program Areas. Please make sure you have masks available and do not forget to change them regularly.
  4. In cooperation with Atakent Expedition Center, we thoroughly clean and disinfect all public areas before opening of the exhibition, during the exhibition and after the end of each exhibition day.


  1. Traffic on the between-stall passageways will be one-way. Please pay attention to the markings and navigation signs.
  2. Please refrain from shaking hands and try not to exchange paper business cards.
  3. Keep social distance at all meetings and presentations.
  4. We encourage you to avoid handing out souvenirs and to consider sending promotional materials electronically.
  5. We advise you to plan in advance the schedule of meetings with your clients and partners.


  1. Use cashless payment in the cash office and café on the territory of the exhibition.
  2. Areas designated for the business program will be arranged in the halls, taking into account the requirement to respect social distancing. Please arrive for the business program events well in advance.
  3. Special security measures will be taken at the exhibition: one-way traffic, stationary sanitizers, etc. We kindly advise all the exhibitors and visitors to treat their health responsibly and follow the rules strictly together with us.

We are sure that strict observance of safety measures will make our event as safe as possible.