Welcome Letters 2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan I would like to invite you to take part in the fifth Anniversary International Mining and Metallurgical «Astana Mining & Metallurgy - 2014" Congress (hereinafter - AMM), which will be held on June 12-13, 2014 at the Palace of Independence in Astana.

Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan has traditionally supported "AMM" Congress for five years. Over the period of its existence, "AMM" has become the main event for geologists, miners and metallurgists of our country. International and Kazakhstani experts are effectively interact on its base, companies present their achievements at the exhibition, and the specialists are eagerly awaiting the outcome of "Golden Hephaestus" Prize for the title of the best specialist in mining and metallurgy.

We are pleased to say that Kazakhstan has won the right to host the 25th World Mining Congress in 2018 in Astana. Oganizers have already begun preparing for such an important event, so the 95th meeting of the International Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress, which will bring together top experts from 30 countries will be held within "AMM-2014".

International experts and specialized ministers of leading mining countries were invited as speakers of "AMM- 2014" Forum. Forum's "Exploration. Extraction. Processing" project provides the scope of issues of full cycle of production processes from geological exploration, ore mining, premanufacturing beneficiation and processing of finished products. The largest industry event will bring together heads of government, top managers of domestic and foreign mining and metallurgical companies, potential investors, leading academics, financiers and analysts.

I am sure that "AMM-2014" Congress will be a platform of effective dialogue between government, scientific and business institutions that will contribute to the further sustainable and efficient development of mining and metallurgical complex of our country

Deputy Prime Minister,
Minister of Industry and New Technologies
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
А. Isekeshev


Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am happy to welcome you to the Fifth Annual International Astana Mining and Metallurgical Congress 2014.

The congress is celebrating its first major anniversary as a recognized and in-demand platform for effective cooperation among representatives of the state, business and science for furthering the successful development of Kazakhstan’s mining and metallurgical sector.

This year, the Congress has expanded its reach, and it is expected that approximately 1,300 delegates from more than 20 countries, including Russia, China, the U.S., Turkey, Germany, Canada, Norway, Australia, and others will participate. Over 40 companies will have stands at the exhibition. The participants of the Congress can expect a packed program discussing current issues in the development of the mining and metallurgical industry.

The special status enjoyed by Astana Mining & Metallurgy 2014 lent itself to the decision to hold the 95th Meeting of the International Organizing Committee for the World Mining Congress, the 25th iteration of which is to be held in Astana in 2018. The committee is made up of renowned international experts. The fact that Kazakhstan’s capital came up first in the running to host the World Mining Congress once again testifies to the growth of Astana’s authority on the world stage.

I wish all the delegates and guests of the Congress success and prosperity.

Imangali Tasmagambetov
Mayor of Astana city


Distinguished Guests
and Dear Participants of the International AMM Congress,

On behalf of the InternationalOrganizing Committee of the World Mining Congress,
I would like to extend very warm welcome to all of you and to theorganizers of the 5th Anniversary International Congress "Astana Mining & Metallurgy" - AMM 2014, which will be the key mining and metallurgy event in Central Asia in 2014.I strongly believe, that this Conference will provide an extraordinary opportunity to exchange and to share knowledge and promote the latest developments in geology, mining and metallurgy technologies and markets.

World Mining Congress is the organization, which joins together people connected with all branches of mining. One of its vital tasks is shearing the mining knowledge and the best practices to create an innovative and modern mining all over the world. In order to implement it cooperation and friendship between mining countries and mining people is essential.

This 5thAnniversary International Congress AMM is accompanied by 95th meeting of the International Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress. We will discuss about future activities of this organization as well as about the 25th World Mining Congress,which will takeplace in 2018 in Astana.

Republic of Kazakhstan and its capital Astana is perfect location to hold this important eventas we know, that Kazakhstan is playingsignificant role in mining and metallurgy in global scalewith its large reserves of wide range of metallic ores, industrial minerals and fuels.

Therefore, I have no doubts, that this event will be a stimulating and ongoing exchange of ideas on these and other related issues. Please accept my warmest welcome and gratitude for your attendance and contribution.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in Astana, during the primary meeting of geologists, miners and metallurgists!

Chairman of the International Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress
Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Josef DUBIŃSKI


Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of Kazzinc Group I am pleased to welcome you to 5th International Congress "ASTANA MINING & METALLURGY-2014"!

The high importance and actual necessity of such prominent events cannot be over-emphasized. The Congress today is a basic platform for interaction of the Government and business of Kazakhstan in mining and metallurgy. This is the place where the participants can set out the pathways for their companies to follow. The Congress also gives a great opportunity to share the experience with the overseas peers.

With due consideration of the fragility of the global economy and growing competition of mining and metallurgical companies, the key factors contributing to successful business are innovative development and improved production processes.

Since its incorporation Kazzinc has been oriented to addressing strategic issues, i.e. reduction of high energy consumption, improved production efficiency, full-cycle mineral processing, quality improvement, occupational safety and preservation of social guarantees for Kazzinc employees.

We have focused on modern developments, innovations and hi-tech production. Along with this Kazzinc vigorously introduces green processes, including energy saving program, environmental management – e.g. almost 100% water recycling at the production complexes, and development of zero-waste systems.

Even in the post-crisis period the Company proved robust and showed growth with positive performance indicators achieved in 2013.

Kazzinc, as always, will uphold the policy of the Government. President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his State of the Nation Address "KazakhstanWay-2050: One Goal, One Interest and One Future" said, "According to many forecasts, the next 15-17 years will be a "window of opportunity" for large-scale breakthrough development of Kazakhstan. During this period, we will have a favorable external environment, rising demand for resources, energy and food, and the growth of the Third Industrial Revolution. We should make benefit of this time". Kazzinc will use every opportunity to proceed with modernization of production processes, and we have no doubts about the success of our initiatives. The National Program for Innovative, Scientific and Technological Development introduced and promoted by the Government is an efficient instrument for further development of the mining and metallurgical industry with all-round support ensured by the Government.

Kazzinc is proud of four prestigious Golden Hephaestus awards – two in 2010 in the nomination "Best Environmental Program" for implementation the New Metallurgy Project and "Break-through of the Year" for Altyntau-Kokshetau Vasilkovsky GOK, one in 2011 for implementation of "Clean Air" project and one in 2012 in the nomination "Best Energy Saving Solution".

The Company is looking to achieve the key performance indicators, which will contribute to highest returns and best competitiveness among mining and metallurgical companies, and focuses on perfection, quality, sustainable development and continuous improvements.

I wish all participants of the Congress successful and fruitful work and achievement of strong results!

Nikola Popovic
Chairman of the Management Board
Kazzinc Ltd


Dear Forum Participants!

On behalf of the Eurasian Group LLC, I am pleased to welcome you to our 5th annual International «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» Congress!

Over these five years the forum has become one of the major international-level platforms for dialogue for representatives of leading global companies, experts, organizations and financial institutions.

Every year the number of participants at AMM has grown, as well as its geographical representation, as the questions discussed here have gained more relevance. In this connection, it is entirely logical that the next meeting of the organizing committee of the World Mining Congress be conducted as part of the forum.

The capital of Kazakhstan is preparing to host the World Mining Congress in 2018. Representatives of the governments of mining powers will come to Astana along with the leading players in the world mining and metallurgical market and international experts. Kazakhstan has something to be proud of: the republic takes 13th place in terms of the total volume of solid mineral production in the world, and the mining and metallurgical complex makes up approximately 20% of the country's total industrial output.

The situation in the industry is complicated today: the effects of supply and demand on prices for mining and metallurgical products remain unfavourable. In this connection, the topic of the forum—Modernization as the Main Development Factor for the MMC under Instability on Global Markets—is especially pertinent. I am certain that there will be more than a few useful ideas put forward, as well as examples of successful experiences and prospective proposals for the re-equipping of metallurgical enterprises. Moreover, the achievements of the Eurasian Group in this area have also been significant.

Operations have recently been launched at a new iron alloy plant in Aktobe, and the company invested nearly $900 million in its construction. At the Aksu Power Station, Eurasian Energy Corporation JSC launched its Power Block No. 6. We carried out nit only the reconstruction of the equipment, but also increased its capacity to 25 MW. Renovations at the Aksu Iron Alloy Plant will begin this year. As a result, its output will increase by 35%, while power consumption will be reduced by a quarter. Over the past seven years, the company has invested over 8.2 billion dollars in Kazakhstani enterprises.

The Eurasian Group, which turns 20 this year, continues to participate actively in the development of the mining and metallurgical industry, and in the implementation of the State National Industrialization Stimulation Program. This year our Group has become private. One of its largest shareholders is the Government of Kazakhstan.

As a key annual partner of AMM, the Eurasian Group sponsors the Golden Hephaestus industry awards, the main purpose of which is to recognize the achievements of the companies and specialists in the fields of mining and metallurgy. We hope that the categories we introduced two years ago of Best Energy Conservation Solution and the special award in the category 'Mediaproject of the Year' for the best journalistic material on workers in the MMC will become valued traditions within the competition.

We wish all participants in the Fifth International «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» Congress interesting and fruitful work!

Yours truly,

President Eurasian Group LLC


Dear Forum guests and participants!

I am happy  to welcome you  at the V Anniversary International Congress "Astana Mining & Metallurgy" on behalf of ArcelorMittal’s team in Kazakhstan and personally.

The fact that this forum has brought together many leaders from both the government and metals&mining industry shows that our industry has a special role to play and enjoys special attention from the government’s side.

In the light of the goals set by the State Industrial Development Programme for 2015-2019, , this forum is all the more important as a platform for interaction between the government and the industry.

ArcelorMittal has become an integral part of Kazakhstan’s economy and society.. We seek to build a sustainable business which meets the best international standards in terms of health and safety, environmental friendliness and technology.

I am confident that each company participating in the forum will have the opportunity to demonstrate its achievements, build useful business contacts and share their experience with their counterparts. I wish  all guests and forum participants to enjoy the forum and the best of luck in their work.

CEO of ArcelorMittal Temirtau
Vijay Mahadevan


Dear friends!

On behalf of the National Welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna”, I congratulate you on the opening of the “Astana Mining & Metallurgy” Congress.

Global mining and metallurgical complex is developing rapidly. It entered a qualitatively new era of transformation, where there are the active globalization of commodity markets, the development of processing industries and the increase of environmental requirements. Kazakhstan does not remain aloof from these processes. It managed to establish itself as one of the strategic players. This is evidenced by the fact that the XXV World Mining Congress will take place in Astana in 2018.  

Mining and metallurgical industry of the republic is the backbone flagship of economy. Kazakh companies are exporting not only raw materials, but also mining and metallurgical production of high repartitions. The country is expanding its mineral resource base. Production undergoes technological modernization. The volume of investment is increasing. Environmental factor is regarded as of paramount importance.

JSC "Samruk-Kazyna" contributes to the sustainable development of mining and metallurgical complex. Five years ago, under the Fund there was established the national mining company "Tau-Ken Samruk". It successfully copes with the tasks. Thus, in 2013, the refining plant LLP "Tau-Ken Altyn" was launched. A new company's development strategy until 2022 was worked out. New contracts for subsoil use were concluded. JSC "NGK" Tau-Ken Samruk" has reached the positive financial performance through the transfer of the share, owned by JSC "Samruk-Kazyna", to LLP "Kazzinc". At the same time, concern for the environment and future generations is our obligatory condition for the development of natural resources.

The V International Congress of Mining and Metallurgy «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» is a landmark event because within its framework the 95th session of the International Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress with the participation of the recognized experts from 30 countries will be held. I am confident that «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» Congress once again will become an effective platform for interaction and exchange of experience for representatives of government, science and business, as well as investors and suppliers of technologies for mining and metallurgical complex.

I wish you all success and fruitful work!

Chairman of the Board
of JSC "SWF Samruk-Kazyna"                           


Dear Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I sincerely want to congratulate you on the opening of the Anniversary Vth International Mining and Metallurgical «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» Congress. Congress has managed to become a reputable professional platform for the exchange of opinions with the government and the business community during these five years.

Mining and metallurgical industry of Kazakhstan occupies a key position in industry development. Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev in his Address to the nation «Kazakhstan’s way - 2050: The overarching goal, common interests, common future» has noted the need within the industrial and innovative development program to provide the intensification of exploration in order to exit from these services to the global market, resource base expansion and development of rare earth metals, as well as creating conditions for attracting investment and technology in the exploration, mining and processing of solid minerals. Annual International «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» Congress is required to solve such important problems of the mining industry.

I would like to mention a rich program of the Anniversary Congress, according to which the experts from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Poland, the USA, France, South Africa, Sweden and Japan are acting. I am sure that participants of Congress will be able to conduct an effective dialogue that allows sharing promising and innovative ideas and discussing, along with achievements, the ways to solve the problem of industry issues.

On behalf of the «National Mining Company» Tau-Ken Samruk» JSC, I would like to wish all the participants and guests fruitful work!

Chairman of the Board of «Tau-Ken Samruk» JSC


Dear participants and guests of the Congress!

On behalf of JSC «Kazgeologiya» National Geological Exploration Company» I would like to welcome you at the Vth Anniversary International Mining and Metallurgical «Astana Mining and Metallurgy-2014» Congress, which is considered a landmark event of mining and metallurgical industry.

«Astana Mining and Metallurgy» became the largest mining and metallurgical forum for five years, annually gathering specialists, equipment manufacturers, representatives of the geological mining industry of 25 countries. That exhibition cemented its international status during the forum, which presented the top manufacturers of CIS and abroad.

It is fine, that this traditional dialogue platform has enjoyed great success and has great significance for the development of metallurgical, machine building industries, mining and mineral processing industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. I want to note that the long-term experience of the congress indicates the growing interest of visitors to its theme. Performance evaluation of the previous event showed that in 2013 «Astana Mining and Metallurgy» 16% of participating companies have signed contracts during the forum and 28 % of participants have estimated the overall volume of future sales of over US 500 million.

Specially designed program of the Congress will provide and see the most complete wealth of information on new trends, discuss topical issues of industries, share experiences and establish contacts with top companies of the world.

I am sure that today's event will allow us to expand the scope of cooperation, because the progress will be difficult and slow without sharing achievements. Therefore, such events will promote the expansion and deepening of economic relations between countries, the penetration of each other's markets, and the creation of joint ventures.

I wish all participants, guests and organizers productive work and high achievements in their professional activities, success in expanding contacts and establishing mutually beneficial cooperation!

Chairman of the Board
of JSC «Kazgeologiya» National Geological Exploration Company»


Dear participants of the V International «Astana
Mining & Metallurgy» Congress!

I am happy to welcome you on behalf of the Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises (AGMP)!

For the fourth time, the AMM area becomes the center of attraction for the representatives of Government and business, experts, domestic and foreign investors, who are brought together by promising and fast growing mining and metallurgical sector of Kazakhstan.

Our industry rose to the new level due to implementation of the State Program for Advanced Industrial and Innovative Development for the years 2010-2014 (PAIID). In recent years, mining companies succeeded to expand their product line. Within the framework of implementation of the industrial development program, manufacture of 106 new products, which were not produced previously, was launched by Mining and Metallurgical Complex (MMC) of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Moreover, domestic goods, as well as raw materials, are in steady demand in the international market.

The international status of the Congress witnesses of the involvement of Kazakhstan MMC in the global production processes. It is obvious, that the decisions made during this event, new ideas and exchange of information and technology are of practical importance for the participants and guests.

AGMP is a permanent official partner of the AMM. We attach great importance to these interesting meetings with like-minded people and discussion of fundamental issues of MMC development within the framework of Mining and Metallurgy Congress. Today, Mining and Metallurgical Industry in Kazakhstan is on the point where we need to outline new areas for its further advancement, because our goal is not only to maintain, but also to increase the growth rate of the Metallurgical Industry. Now, a long-term plan for the MMC development is under discussion. I believe, our AMM industrial experts will represent their proposals regarding its further reformation.

I sincerely wish all the participants, guests and organizers of the Congress to have a fruitful work, creative ideas, useful contacts and new achievements!

Best regards and wish you every success,

Executive Director of the Republican Association
of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s National Centre for Complex Raw Mineral Processing, I welcome the delegates and guests at the Fifth Annual 2014 «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» Congress.

The State is faced with the task of creating conditions for reducing the energy consumption rate on gross domestic product by 50% by 2050 and increasing energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption and reducing the inefficient use of fuel and power resources. Finding solutions to the tasks before us is the objective of the quinquennial AMM Congress 2014, which has proven its relevance and vitality over the time since its inception.

For the fifth time, the forum is bringing together global political, business, financial and science leaders in the mining and metallurgical industries. The status and modernization of the industry, safe field development and the strengthening of the competitiveness of domestic producers to a large extent depend on the effective resolution of the tasks set forth above.

I am certain that this congress will serve as an example of constructive dialogue and the effective search for new mechanisms and technologies in the field of mining and metallurgy.

I wish you all successful and fruitful work, creative success and prosperity!

Abdurassul ZHARMENOV
General Director , National Centre for Complex Processing
of Mineral Raw Materials of the Respublic of Kazakhstan


Dear colleagues and guests of the Congress!

I am happy to welcome you on behalf of the Center for Geoscience created under JSC «Nazarbayev University» at the 5th International «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» (AMM) Congress

First of all, I would like to note that AMM dialogue platform is an important event for public and administration, industrial, scientific and academic sectors of the countries of Eurasia. The Congress facilitates long-term cooperation of companies and exchange of experience, dictates the main trends, and is an indicator of mining industry development in Kazakhstan.

The President of Kazakhstan in his massage to the Kazakh people told to develop the geological industry and so to revive the achievements of Kanysh Imantaevich Satpayev. In this regard, the Center for Geoscience has been developing a Geological Cluster, which goal is to provide a link between education, science and production in geological industry of the country. This project is a strategically important step in the development of country’s geological industry, as it will create the conditions for the carrying-out of laboratory and research works in Kazakhstan under the international standards. It is impossible to achieve this goal without close cooperation of geological, mining and metallurgical sectors.

We plan to put the Geological Cluster into operation in 2016, and this event will leave its mark during the formation. Participation in the Mining and Metallurgical Congress provides a good opportunity to strengthen the link between the sectors through the development of joint projects resulted in strengthening the economy of Kazakhstan.

I wish all the participants have a fruitful cooperation, creative ideas and their successful implementation.

Director Earth Sciences Center JSC «Nazarbayev University»


I am a metallurgist. I studied to be a metallurgist and have worked in metallurgy for 20 years–20 hard years. It is always hard to watch as the foundations crumble. The foundations created through such toil by our fathers and grandfathers–created by them for us. Metal is the basis of industry. Without our own metallurgy, we haven’t got our own industry–industry that will feed, shelter and keep warm. It will give faith in the future. Today, metallurgy needs help–both from the state and the public. New management is needed for the industry, and new law are needed. We needed them today! Tomorrow it will be too late.

We need to create a new political and information strategy for metallurgy. We need to breathe new life and meaning into production. Those working in the industry will be proud that the life of the country and success in other sectors of the economy depend on their labour. Everyone knows that without metal you can’t build houses and you can’t till earth. Life was given to metallurgy by Prometheus. He brought fire from sky from the forge of Hephaetus, which made metalworking possible. With metal, industry was born.

It is really important that the state has a serious attitude toward metallurgy in the Customs Union. Metallurgy is moving more and more to the forefront. The international «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» Сongress is a tribune for placing objectives before the industry. The metallurgy we inherited from the Soviet Union has become obsolete. Today, the most important task is to build new plants in several segments of the mining and metallurgical complex at once. I am certain that Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus can together manage this task and our children and grandchildren will be proud of our industry.

General Director of Rusmet


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the authorities of the Republic of Poland, as well as myself, I am pleased to welcome all the participants of the 5th Anniversary International Mining and Metallurgy Congress «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» (AMM)!

«Astana Mining & Metallurgy» Congress has acquired the status of an authoritative industry event during these years, which is actively promoting the mining and metallurgical industry development. Annual Congress gathers the largest manufacturers of mining and metallurgical equipment, and combines the world's political, business, financial and scientific leaders of the mining and metallurgical sector, providing excellent opportunities for exploring the latest trends and developments in the industry, as well as for the development of mutually beneficial partnerships, implementation of innovations and attracting foreign investment.

Poland has intensively developed and rebuilt its economy for 25 years. These changes have not spared the Polish mining sector with 300 -year history of coal mining development. Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland has developed a number of programs aimed at supporting the work of the Polish mining enterprises in foreign markets. Wealth of experience and Government support have led to the fact that today every ninth machine that takes an active part in the global mining industry, is of Polish origin.
I would like to note that delegates of the Polish mining and industrial companies will attend the Congress this year. It is the evidence of the successful cooperation between Poland and Kazakhstan in this industry.

I sincerely wish all the participants, guests and organizers of the Congress of fruitful work, to reach the goals planned and to establish new business contacts, contributing to the development of the mineral sector and metallurgy of Kazakhstan.

Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic
of Poland to the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan I welcome the exhibitors and guests of the V Anniversary International Congress «ASTANA MINING & METALLURGY-2014» and congratulate you with its opening.

Over the years of its existence the AMM Congress became the most important event in the field of mining and metallurgical complex, which brings together professionals of mining and metallurgical industries, introduces the latest achievements, new technologies and modern ideas. It is a place of constructive meetings to lay the strong ties for further development and cooperation.

We are very pleased with the presence of Russian companies in the Congress, which is a proof of their success in this market.

With all my heart I wish the exhibitors and guests of the V International Congress «ASTANA MINING & METALLURGY-2014» fruitful contracts, achievement of aims defined for this event, gaining of new partners and friends, success and luck in a professional field!

Alexander YAKOVLEV
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation
in the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear participants and guests of AMM,

On behalf of the Embassy of Finland in Kazakhstan, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Astana Mining & Metallurgy International Congress 2014.

The mining and metallurgical sector of Kazakhstan is one of the most competitive and well established. The competitiveness is reinforced by richness and variety of the mineral resources.Kazakhstan 2050 strategy places accent on acceleration of industrial and innovative methods in the mining sector. Finnish companies could be partners in putting this strategy in practice.

From a European perspective Finland is one of the leading mining countries. Finland is the leading exploration country in Scandinavia. The deposits have constituted the basis for a vivid and technically innovative smelting industry. Results include processes like the world's leading one flash smelting method for copper extraction. Now the new concept is eco-efficient "Green Mining". lt is striving for energy and material efficiency, resource saving for future generations, minimizing adverse social and environmental impacts, and sustainable mine closure practices.

I wish the organizers and all participants of the AMM 2014 success in their projects for development of mutually advantageous partnership, introduction of innovations and attraction of investments!

Ilkka Raisanen
Ambassador of Finland


Dear guests and participants,

On behalf of the Turkish Embassy in Astana, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 5th International Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress (AMM).

This important event which brings experts from all over the world, enables the exchange of professional experience and knowledge related to the current problems in the sector and serves as a platform to cooperate and discuss investment opportunities.

Kazakhstan's mining and metallurgy sector occupies a key position in the industrial development of the country. Currently in the country, large innovation projects on exploration, production and processing of mineral raw materials are being carried out in order to achieve the sustainable economic growth of the sector and to effectively transform the natural resources.

I sincerely hope that AMM-2014 Congress will be fruitful for all its participants and will contribute to the future development of the Republic of Kazakhstan's mining and metallurgy industry.

I would like to wish all participants and visitors of the congress productive work and success in searching for new ideas and in achieving large-scale plans and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Ömer Burhan TÜZEL
Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey
to the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear participants and guests of V Jubilee International Congress
 «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» (АММ 2014)!

On behalf of Kazakhstan Exhibition Company "Iteca" and our international partners - a group of ITE companies (United Kingdom), I am sincerely glad to welcome all Congress participants and exhibitors of AMM!

First of all, allow me to express special thanks to the Congress’ Government Partner AMM - Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan - for annual support and contribution to the development of this project.

This year's main theme of AMM is "Modernisation - the main factor in the development of the Mining and Metallurgy industry under the conditions of world market instability" due to the fact that the current situation in the world encourages developed countries to produce more competitive products through diversification, modernization of existing enterprises and the introduction of new high-tech projects.

Top Management of national companies, large mining and metallurgical, service companies and international agencies, science and business representatives from 20 countries will be the Speakers of the Congress.

The 95th regular session of the International Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress (World Mining Congress, WMC), coincide with the 25th World Mining Congress in 2018 in Astana will be held at the platform of the anniversary AMM. We expect that the international experts and scientists from 15 countries, the world's leaders of mining and metallurgical industry will participate in the meeting. We are proud and confident that such significant events as «World Mining Congress», for which we are already actively preparing will certainly be an additional incentive for the development of mining and metallurgical complex in Kazakhstan.

I hope that this year's participation in AMM will be interesting and useful for all participants and will create favorable conditions for the further development of mining and metallurgical complex in our country.

I wish you successful work at the Forum, new ideas and implementing large-scale plans and projects!

Director of
Kazakhstan Exhibition Company "Iteca"