Welcome Letters 2012

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome participants of the Kazakhstan Mining & Metallurgy Days.

Having become the central event in the country’s mining industry, this forum features the Astana Mining & Metallurgy (АММ) International Congress and the Republican Congress of Mining and Metallurgy Industry Workers.

The mining industry plays a strategic role in the country’s economy and is a foundation for implementation of the State Programme for Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev said: “In the 21st century, Kazakhstan will enhance its status of one of the world’s principal metallurgy centres.  We have all resources needed for that: a rich raw material base, a consistent government policy, human resources, and scientific potential”.

Over the past two years, the Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress has gained a reputation of an effective international dialogue to discuss pressing issues of improving mechanisms of cooperation between countries with a well-developed mining industry and their companies.

The Congress of Mining and Metallurgy Industry Workers is an important event, too, as it helps tackle social, economic, infrastructural and other challenges in the sector.

I hope that this large-scale forum will continue promoting innovations, shaping out the HR policy in the mining industry, developing interaction between business entities and associations from different countries, and will have a positive effect on the industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan.

Asset Issekeshev,
Minister of Industry and New Technologies,
Republic of Kazakhstan

 Welcome letter from - Mr.Albert Rau, Vice-Minister of industry & new technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am truly happy to welcome the guests, participants and organisers of the 3rd Astana Mining & Metallurgy International Congress!

It is worth noting that the Congress has been gaining momentum from year to year.  More and more companies get involved in the proceedings of the Congress, which testifies to the modern technological progress of our country.

It may be said without exaggeration that the previous Astana Mining & Metallurgy metallurgists’ congresses demonstrated  their relevance and have become widely known among CEOs and specialists of metallurgical companies, not only in Kazakhstan, but also across CIS countries and worldwide.

Owing to this event, manufacturers and consumers of metallurgical industry from multiple countries of the world are able to share their achievements in metal mining technology and metalworking science, see samples of state-of-the-art products of this industry and mechanical equipment.

I am confident that this year will also see the Programme of the Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress creating favourable conditions for the provision of the fullest and the most objective information about the state of affairs in mining industry, interchange of views among its participants on the most relevant issues, and will contribute to establishing business contacts among representatives of the metallurgical community.

I wish all participants and guests of the Congress to enjoy fruitful work, new ideas, and implementation of large-scale plans and projects!

Imangali Tasmagambetov
Astana City Akim

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a special honour for me to welcome the participants of the 3rd ASTANA MINING & METALLURGY Congress!

The mining and metallurgy sector in Kazakhstan is rightly considered a locomotive for economic growth, a focal point of investment and technology progress. The Head of State has always paid special attention to this sector as it is well-coordinated functioning of the mining and metallurgy complex that provides for a smooth-running operation of many other national economy sectors: machine-building, construction, chemical industry, etc. Today, owing to the farsighted and well-balanced policy of the Leader of the Nation, Kazakhstan has achieved tremendous progress in economic transformations.

The Samruk-Kazyna Foundation attaches great importance to the issues of rational use of raw material resources, technical upgrade of mining and metallurgy industry enterprises to enhance the quality of products manufactured, redirect them from raw-material orientation to making knowledge-intensive and high-technology products with high added value, and increase energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of production facilities.

Over a short period of time, the AMM Congress has been able to lay a firm foundation for future growth and gain the status of an authoritative platform for interaction among representatives of the state, science and business, as well as investors, consumers and suppliers of goods and services for the mining and metallurgy complex.

I am sure that the Congress will yield tangible practical results and broaden the sphere of business partnership between Kazakhstan and foreign enterprises and organisations.

May all Congress participants enjoy every success and establish mutually beneficial cooperation!

U. Shukeyev
Chairman of the Board
Samruk-Kazyna JSC

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

On behalf of Tau-Ken Samruk National Mining Company JSC, I would like to welcome the participants of the 3rd Astana Mining & Metallurgy 2012 International Congress.

The mining and metallurgy industry is strategically crucial for the development of the national economy. Kazakhstan boasts rich mineral resources and is among top ten countries by this index.

The world’s most renowned companies in the mining and production of base metals currently work and implement major mining and metallurgy projects in Kazakhstan. The development of large deposits of solid commercial minerals was initiated to support existing production facilities.

Alongside with that, Kazakhstan enterprises have lately been giving more attention to the necessity of replacing the mineral raw material base, mainstreaming geological exploration work at prospective targets, implementing modern high technologies for the integrated processing of mineral stock and setting-up facilities for the production of finished high value added products. It is also an important factor for the industry’s further development that comprehensive staff training programmes should be carried out for all phases in mining production.

The said industry development objectives will be achieved with the help of the best international experience. The active work is being conducted with a view to building partnership relations with advanced companies having experience in the implementation of complex mining projects in the world. I am confident that this congress will facilitate the achievement of agreements and implementation of new initiatives in the development of Kazakhstan’s mining and metallurgy industry.

I wish success to all participants of the congress!

Mazhit Turmagambetov
Chairman of the Management Board
Tau-Ken Samruk National Mining Company JSC


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of The Republican Association of mining and metallurgical enterprises, I am very pleased to welcome all the distinguished participants of The third «Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress»!

The realization of the State Program of accelerated industrial innovative development was started in 2010. Mining and metallurgical sector is playing a key role in the Program. Today we can proudly say that the mining and metallurgical companies have coped with the world crisis and now stay on the path of further growth and development.

In the year 2010, Ministry of industry and new technologies of Kazakhstan jointly with The Republican Association of mining and metallurgical enterprises developed the Program the development of mining and metallurgical enterprises of Kazakhstan for years 2010-2014.  The Program outlines all the goals of the industry alongside with the action plan of their realization. The major goals include indicators such as growth of the added value of the metallurgical products by 107 percents and double increase in the production and export of the industry (in comparison with 2008 level).

Certainly, reaching such an ambitious target will not be possible without close cooperation of the governmental bodies, local business, science, and foreign investors. In this regard, I would like to point out an important role of «Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress» as a platform for the open dialogue of all stakeholders.

Being an official partner of the Congress, The Republican Association of mining and metallurgical enterprises is sure that the event is going to have a very positive impact on the industry development.

I wish all the participants, guests and organizers of the Congress to have a fruitful work, new prospects and bold ideas!

Kind regards,

Executive director of The Republican Association of                         
Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises            

N. Radostovets


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I’m glad to greet you on behalf of Kazzinc Ltd, Congress Diamond Partner, at the Third ASTANA MINING & METALLURGY Congress!

In short time this international forum became the actual place for cooperation of progressive companies of mining and metallurgy industries who aim for leadership through the innovations in the industry. More and more people participate in the Congress; it becomes more representative and provides the opportunity for participants to work on the most efficient strategy for development of operations.  
Working in this direction has always been and remains the top priority in development of mining and metallurgy industry in the world and in Kazakhstan. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, defined industrial and innovative projects and its social component as one of the main directions of Kazakhstani way for stabilization of economics and increase of people welfare.

Our company constantly plans its development strategy according to the priorities defined by Leader of Kazakhstan. We improve the integral use of raw materials and energy efficiency, work on renewal of ore base, implement innovative programs and new technologies upgrading the operations with regards to environment and social responsibilities.

Success of these activities would be impossible without full-scale support of the government creating and promoting the national program for innovative and technological development.

We all aim for stable economic, social and environment-friendly development of business and this international forum will help to come closer to reaching the set goals.

I wish all participants of Third Congress successful work and great accomplishments!

Nikola Popovic,
Chairman of the Board of Kazzinc Ltd


Dear participants,

I am pleased to welcome you to the third International Mining and Metallurgy Congress ASTANA MINING & METALLURGY- 2012!

The ongoing success of this event is a testament to the high profile of Kazakhstan’s mining and metallurgical sector in the international community. The country is firmly established as an important player in the global mining industry, and the completion of new projects and ongoing innovation by companies here is set to build Kazakhstan’s profile yet further as we move forward.

The implementation of President Nazarbayev’s Programme of Innovative and Industrial Development has helped to facilitate this growth in the sector, and every year we are seeing more progress. The Programme is designed to upgrade mining facilities to meet international standards, improve the welfare of Kazakhstan citizens, and raise the status of the country in the international arena.

The mining and metallurgical sector is key to Kazakhstan’s industrial development and economic stability. This Congress gives us all the chance to have an open dialogue, sharing our ideas and achievements, helping to ensure that the sector remains healthy for many years to come.

The expertise and potential of the people in this room can go a long way to maintaining the stable development of both the mining industry and, in turn, Kazakhstan as a whole. We at ENRC are delighted to contribute to this work.

Enjoy the event, and I hope that you all have a wonderful year.

Chief Executive Officer of ENRC PLC,
Felix Vulis


Dear Forum guests and participants!

I am very glad to welcome you today at the 3rd Astana Mining and Metallurgy Congress on behalf of ArcelorMittal’s team in Kazakhstan and personally.

The fact that this forum has brought together the leaders from the government and mining and metals industry shows that our industry has a special role to play and enjoys special attention from the government’s side.
In the light of the goals set by the President and government of Kazakhstan before the industry to implement technological modernization, expand output and product range, build tight cooperation with international and national scientific centers, this forum is all the more important as a platform for interaction between the government, business and science.

ArcelorMittal is an integral part of Kazakhstan’s economy and society. Our tasks for the near-term future include ensuring safe working conditions and reducing lost-time injuries, modernization of assets and production of new products, including, boosting output of iron ore and coal. We seek to build a sustainable business which meets the best international standards in terms of health and safety, environmental friendliness and technology.

I am confident that each company participating in the forum will have the opportunity to demonstrate its achievements, build useful business contacts and share their experience with their counterparts. I wish to all guests and forum participants to enjoy the forum and the best of luck in their work.

CEO of ArcelorMittal Temirtau
Vijay Mahadevan


Dear Participants and Guests of the Congress!

Let me welcome you on behalf of “SAT & Company” JSC at III International Mining and Metallurgy Congress «Astana Mining & Metallurgy 2012»!  

This is first time our young company is taking part in such a prestige forum of industrialists which is really a great honor for us.

Our projects are included to State Program of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development established as per initiative of the Head of our State Nursultan Nazarbayev in order to strengthen the status as one of leading world metallurgical centers.

The company is aware that implementation of large scale projects in so complex and strategic industry assigns the company with a great responsibility.
Mining and metallurgy industry is the fundamental of economy of any highly developed country and overall progress directly depends on mining industry growth and that is undisputable.

Third International Astana Mining and Metallurgy Congress demonstrates unique aspiration of the country leadership and Kazakhstani industrialists towards intensive industry progress.

Present international forum will provide invaluable contribution to further prosperity of metallurgical industry of our country and will assist solving any issues on the basis of mutual trust, transparency and reliability of the partners-participants of the Congress.

We sure that participation in the Congress will bring us new ideas, knowledge and business partnership and will reveal future growth perspectives.

Mr Kenges Rakishev
Chairman of the Board of Directors


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome the organisers, participants, and visitors of Astana Mining and Metallurgy 2012, the 3rd International Mining and Metallurgy Congress.

Astana Mining and Metallurgy is a well-known industry event which serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas between Government bodies and business organisations. Through encouraging constructive dialogue, it also plays a key role in defining development paths and meeting pressing challenges in the industry. I am confident that the event will strengthen public-private partnerships and enhance the investment appeal of Kazakhstan, along with bolstering existing partnerships and establishing new ones.

I would like to wish all the participants and visitors the best of luck and every success at the event.

Valery Brylev
Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to the Republic of Kazakhstan


Ladies and Gentleman,
I am delighted to welcome participants to the third Astana Mining and Metallurgy Congress.  
The mining industry in Kazakhstan is a highly important driver for economic development and growth accounting for some 17% of GDP. This can only rise in the future, given Kazakhstan’s great mineral wealth, export orientation and growing global demand. The sector also stands to play an increased role to Kazakhstan’s economic and social objectives, through its contribution to regional development, diversification and jobs creation.

Many British companies are already involved with the exciting developments in the sector, and offer strong expertise built up over many years. We have an excellent track record of project management and delivery and our service and supply chain companies ensure that large and complex projects remain on track. We are well placed to help with the introduction of new technologies in exploration, production and processing of mineral resources, the utilisation of automatic process control systems and the training and development of personnel according to industry best practice.

The UK is in the forefront of new developments in mining safety and low carbon technologies. These bring new opportunities for bilateral commercial relations.  For example, waste management is an important area where our expertise can help local producers to comply with environmental requirements.  

About 80-90% of ferrous and non-ferrous metals produced in Kazakhstan are exported.  I have seen for myself how British-Kazakh commercial collaboration is adding value to Kazakh exports, through translating technical innovation into lucrative business opportunities.

So it is clear that Britain has much to offer in the mining sector. And we are present and active in Kazakhstan! I welcome the participation of British mining experts in this conference, and I wish all participants a productive and successful event.

H.E. David Moran

Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador to Kazakhstan
British Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear Guests,

Please accept my warmest welcome to the 2012 Astana Mining and Metallurgy Forum (AMM) in the beautiful capital city of Kazakhstan.

Entering my forth year as Canada’s Ambassador to Kazakhstan, I continue to notice similarities between the people, the geography and the economies of Canada and Kazakhstan. Nowhere is this more apparent that in the important role the natural resource sector plays in our respective national economies. Canada and Kazakhstan are mining countries, with much to learn from each other’s experiences

It is for this reason that the Embassy of Canada continues to be an ardent supporter of the AMM, which brings together a wide variety of stakeholders, both Kazakhstani and international, to discuss key issues in the global mining sector which touch upon a variety of economic,  social and  industrial issues.

As the global economy emerges  from the  turmoil of recent years, natural resources, which are nothing if not plentiful in Canada and Kazakhstan, will contribute greatly to renewed prosperity in those countries blessed to have them, as emerging large markets thirst anew for materials. It is in forums such as the AMM, where new partnerships and strategies will be formed which will lead to help our corporate sectors grow and prosper.

Once again, I welcome you to the AMM, and wish you a fruitful and pleasant forum.


H.E. Stephen Millar
Ambassador of Canada to Kazakhstan


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

It is a great honour for me to adress a few words of welcome to the participants of the 3rd Astana Mining and Metallurgy Congress.

The Congress is an ideal platform for international companies, the Government of Kazakhstan and other players to exchange views and opportunities in the field of exploration, extraction and processing of raw materials in Kazakhstan.

Mining for commodities is a very important sector in Kazakhstan and and plays a major role in developping the countrys economy. International and Kazakh companies are at present creating added value in Kazakhstan already but there ist still more to achieve. While the current Strategy of Industrial-Innovational development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is backed by the vast opportunities in the sector of mineral ressources, companies find favourable opportunities to invest.

Germany as an important supplier of technology is fostering the development of this sector in Kazakhstan. The recently in Berlin concluded bilateral agreement on partnership in the sector of commodities, industry and technology has lifted this cooperation to a new level.

I wish participants, visitors and the host an interesting conference, success and fruitful talks.

H.E. Dr. Guido Herz
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kazakhstan


I am pleased to congratulate you on the 3rd Astana Mining and Metallurgical Congress.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has shown remarkable development during these 20 years. Japan and Kazakhstan have been also built solid relationships. In the economic sector, the volume of direct investment from Japan to Kazakhstan amounted to 621.9 million U.S. dollars and the trade volume between the two countries amounted to 1 billion 689 million U.S. dollars in 2011. In particular, the rapid growth is seen in the last 10 years. The interests of the Japanese business community to Kazakhstan have increased. I am confident that the economic relations between the two countries will continue to evolve rapidly.

Japan transfers actively the Japanese technologies to Kazakhstan to formulate projects in the mining and metallurgical sectors and contributes to the diversification of Kazakhstan industries and the introducing of high technologies. The most impressive recent projects are the joint projects that the Japanese companies Sumitomo Corporation and Toshiba make respectively JV with JSC Kazatomprom to extract the rare-earth metals of uranium ore tailings and liquid waste. It is hoped in the future that Japanese and Kazakhstani companies will cooperate in various areas of mining around rare metals and rare-earth metals. Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), the Japanese government organization to support technological cooperation and promote investments in the mining sector, enhances the cooperation with national companies of Kazakhstan. In the scientific community, Akita University of Japan and East-Kazakhstan State University named after Serikbaev also build cooperative relations in the mining sector. I hope that the cooperation in the mining and metallurgy sector between Japan and Kazakhstan will further develop.

 I sincerely wish this congress will be held successfully and will contribute to the further development of the mining and metallurgy sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Ambassador of Japan in Kazakhstan


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome the exhibitors and visitors of Astana Mining and Metallurgy 2012, the 3rd International Mining and Metallurgy Congress.

Since its launch, AMM has earned a reputation as a leading event in the mining and metallurgical industry, bringing together industry professionals and enabling them to find out about the latest developments, technologies, and ideas. It is a platform for constructive meetings, where close links can be established to ensure future development and cooperation.

I am delighted that Russian companies are participating in the event, which is proof of their success in Kazakhstan’s market, and I would like to wish all the participants every success at the event.

Alexander Yakovlev
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Ukraine in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome the exhibitors and visitors of Astana Mining and Metallurgy 2012, the 3rd International Mining and Metallurgy Congress.

Every year, leading mining and metallurgical companies from dozens of countries around the world come to this event, giving themselves the chance to find out about the industry’s latest developments. By providing opportunities for cooperation, AMM promotes investment into the industry, which of course helps the development of the country as a whole.

The importance of the mining and metallurgy industry to Kazakhstan and to Ukraine is difficult to overestimate due to the vital role it plays in industrial development. Among the key challenges faced by the industry are modernisation, introducing high-tech equipment and machinery, and creating competitive finished products, and I believe Kazakhstan has a lot of experience to offer Ukraine in this regard.

The stage is set for productive cooperation between our two countries, and I am confident that AMM 2012 will play a major part in developing this cooperation.

I would like to wish all the exhibitors, organisers, and visitors every success at the event.

Oleg Demin

Ambassador of the Republic of Ukraine to the Republic of Kazakhstan


On behalf of European Business Association of Kazakhstan, we are delighted to welcome the participants of the “AMM-2012” III International Mining and Metallurgy Congress!

The Astana Mining and Metallurgy Congress has been a prestigious event of the Mining and Metallurgical industry highlighting progress, achievements and the latest technology developments.

The Mining and Metallurgy industry is one of the major drivers of economic growth in Kazakhstan, and over the past years we have witnessed strong investments coming into this pivotal industry helping to expand the footprint of Kazakhstan in the global map.

The III International Mining and Metallurgy Congress provides an excellent opportunity to open up a constructive dialogue between the government representatives, investors and other industry stakeholders  to discuss the current issues and prospects for the industry.

We thank ITE Group Plc and their partner in Kazakhstan Iteca Ltd. for organising The III International Mining and Metallurgy Congress and wish success to all participants!

With best wishes,

Alper Akdeniz                                             
EUROBAK Chairman

Julie Kussidi
EUROBAK Executive Director                                           


Dear exhibitors,

On behalf of Iteca and ITE Group plc, one of the world’s leading business exhibitions organisers, I would like to welcome you to Astana Mining and Metallurgy 2012.

The company has over 20 years’ experience in organising international exhibitions and conferences.  Iteca currently holds more than 30 specialised events covering a range of industry sectors, among them key exhibitions such as KIOGE, KazEnergy, Power Kazakhstan, KIHE, KazBuild, KITF, and many others.

AMM is the main event of the country’s mining and metallurgy industry. The exhibition grows in size every year in terms of exhibitor and visitor numbers, and its business programme becomes even more relevant. We are always looking to maintain the event’s high standards.

I would like to especially thank the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, along with the Diamond Sponsor Kazzinc, the Gold Sponsors ArcelorMittal, ENRC, and Kazakhmys, and all the sponsors and exhibitors for their invaluable support and active participation.

I would like to wish all the exhibitors every success in this important event for Kazakhstan’s mining and metallurgy industry.

Yours faithfully,

Edward Strachan

Regional Director, ITE Group plc