Welcome Letters 2013

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan would like to invite you to participate in the event «Days of Kazakhstan Mining and Metallurgy», to be held on 12-13 June 2013 at the Palace of Independence in Astana.

The Days of Kazakhstan Mining & Metallurgy will involve the following events:

  • The International Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress; and
  • The Congress of Mining and Metallurgy Industry Workers.

The AMM Congress has been held for the last three years at the high governmental and business level and is truly considered to be the main industrial event in the mining and metallurgy sector. Geologists, miners and metallurgists consolidate their knowledge and experience to solve the critical issues facing the industry. The forum, exhibition and round tables held on a single platform allow increasing the efficiency of the Congress operation. In this context, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan fully supports the AMM Congress, taking into consideration its importance for the country.

The Congress of Mining and Metallurgy Industry Workers is focused on addressing social, economic, and infrastructural issues of the industry since one of the main conditions of Mining and Metallurgy companies development. Traditionally, the Congress will be attended by delegates of industrial enterprises, industry trade unions, and government bodies.

The mining and metallurgy sector is the basis of the country's industrialisation, which is being actively developed and updated. The main objectives of the domestic mining and metallurgy sector development are to expand the raw mineral resource basis, modernise and technologically renew the enterprises, produce high-tech goods, increase the volume of investment, and reduce the environmental impact. With a view to implementing the targeted objectives, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies has been continuously working to ensure the interests of the state, attract investors, and develop international partnership.

We invite industrial and service companies, technology and equipment providers, scientific research and educational institutions, financial and investment funds, and all interested parties to participate!

I am confident that the Days of Kazakhstan Mining & Metallurgy will have tangible results and expand the scope of business partnership between Kazakhstan and foreign enterprises.

Sincerely yours,

Asset Issekeshev
Deputy Prime Minister,
Minister of Industry and New Technologies


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to warmly welcome you to the opening of the 4th International Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress.

This congress, which has become a traditional event, has for several years provided conditions for effective dialogue between manufacturers and consumers of the metallurgical industry, confirming that the scope of discussion issues keeps growing as the trust and experience of participants increases.

I am happy to see that our beautiful city has become the recognised venue for the congress. This is only logical, as Astana itself boosts general development, and it is a city that is constantly at the centre of attention. All the successful events that take place here serve as an example for other regions of the country. This is why the international Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress plays a special role, not just for our city but for Kazakhstan on the whole.

I am sure that this year's congress will become a hallmark of the capital for industrial exhibitions, and that it will offer a new business platform for dialogue between the global industrial community.

In this respect, I would like to thank everyone who has accepted the invitation to come to our capital.

I would like to wish you all every success in your work.

Imangali Tasmagambetov
Mayor of Astana


To Participants and Guestsof
Astana Mining & Metallurgy
IV International Congress

Dear friends!

On behalf of Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund, I would like to welcome and congratulate you with theopening of Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress, which is a milestone event in the mining industry.

The present global mining and metallurgy industry isat an important stage of mineral commodity markets globalization and development of processing industries.Kazakhstan is one of the strategicparticipants in the process seeing that the mining complex in our country has always been one of the economy's backbone industry. Domestic companies are not limited today to the export of raw materials and have proven themselves as reliable suppliers of mining and steel products ofhigh added value.They are effectively working to expand mineral resource base, modernizing and introducing new technologies.The companies plan to increase investments. However, development of the industry is focused on reduction of environmental impact.

Samruk-Kazyna JSC seeks to make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of mining and metallurgical complex. Inis constantly working on attraction of investors and development of international partnerships.Tau-Ken Samruk, a national mining company, has been established in the group ofthe Fund. It faces majorchallenges related to ensuring growth of asset values and competitiveness of the mining industry products. We expect that Tau-Ken Samrukwill also ensure effective exploration, extraction and processing of solid minerals in partnership with the private sector. The indispensable condition for development of natural resources is ourconcern for the environment and future generations.

It should be noted that Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress is an effective platform for cooperation of representativesfrom the Government, science and business, as well as investors and technology providersfor the mining complex.Forum, exhibitionsand round tables within the frames of the Congress opens new horizons to share experiences and discuss innovative projects and prospects.

I am confident that AM&M-2013 Congress will be fruitful for all its participants. The results of the Congress will significantlyexpand the scope of business partnership between Kazakhstan and foreign enterprises.

I wish you all success andproductive, interesting and creative work!

Umirzak Shukeyev

Chairman of the Board
Samruk-Kazyna NWF JSC


Dear exhibitors,
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the National Mining Company 'Tau-Ken Samruk' team, I would like to welcome the participants, mining and metallurgy professionals, visitors and organisers of the Astana Mining and Metallurgy congress to the Metallurgy Day event. I sincerely hope that the event will be a success and that it will contribute to the future development of the Republic of Kazakhstan's mining and metallurgy sector.

Kazakhstan's mining and metallurgy sector occupies a key position in industrial development.

The Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev, in a recent address to the nation in the Kazakhstan 2050 strategy, noted the importance of using maximally effective transformation of natural riches for sustainable economic growth in our country.

The Astana Mining and Metallurgy congress has become a widely recognised international event that acts as a platform for government and business representatives to exchange opinions. It also plays an important role in developing constructive dialogue in order to define development paths and solve the industry's current issues.

I am confident that at the congress, participants will have an opportunity to hold open dialogue that allows them to share promising ideas, talk about achievements, and discuss ways to solve the industry's pressing issues.

I would like to wish all the congress participants every success in their work and in establishing cooperation that benefits all parties.

M. Turmagambetov
Chairman of the Board, Tau-Ken Samruk


Dear participants of the IV International
Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress

I am happy to welcome you on behalf of the Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises (AGMP)!

For the fourth time, the AMM area becomes the center of attraction for the representatives of Government and business, experts, domestic and foreign investors, who are brought together by promising and fast growing mining and metallurgical sector of Kazakhstan.

Our industry rose to the new level due to implementation of the State Program for Advanced Industrial and Innovative Development for the years 2010-2014 (PAIID). In recent years, mining companies succeeded to expand their product line. Within the framework of implementation of the industrial development program, manufacture of 106 new products, which were not produced previously, was launched by Mining and Metallurgical Complex (MMC) of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Moreover, domestic goods, as well as raw materials, are in steady demand in the international market.

The international status of the Congress witnesses of the involvement of Kazakhstan MMC in the global production processes. It is obvious, that the decisions made during this event, new ideas and exchange of information and technology are of practical importance for the participants and guests.

Traditionally, during the Days of MMC, in addition to the Congress, the Conference of the Kazakhstan mining industry workers is held. Issues of interaction between business and governmental bodies, improvement of legislation, labor relations, creation of new jobs and staffing of companies are raised at this industrial event.

AGMP is a permanent official partner of the AMM. We attach great importance to these interesting meetings with like-minded people and discussion of fundamental issues of MMC development within the framework of Days of Mining and Metallurgical Complex. Today, Mining and Metallurgical Industry in Kazakhstan is on the point where we need to outline new areas for its further advancement, because our goal is not only to maintain, but also to increase the growth rate of the Metallurgical Industry. Now, a long-term plan for the MMC development is under discussion. I believe, our AMM industrial experts will represent their proposals regarding its further reformation.

I sincerely wish all the participants, guests and organizers of the Congress to have a fruitful work, creative ideas, useful contacts and new achievements!

Best regards and wish you every success,

N. Radostovets
Executive Director of the Republican Association
of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the National Centre for Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I am happy to welcome the delegates and guests of the Astana Mining & Metallurgy 2013 Congress!

Having the Forum for the fourth time already in the format of an open dialogue between the government, academic community and manufacturers from various countries manifests the significant role of this event as an international ground to develop contacts, share best practices and transfer technologies in the mining and metallurgy sector.

Development of innovations and continuous renewal of manufacturing equipment and technology to present new goods, works and services in the market are priorities for the mining and metallurgy sector, Kazakhstan's fundamental industry. The recently passed Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Government Support of Industrial and Innovative Activities and amendments to a number of other laws, including the Law On Subsoil and Subsoil Use, are designed to drive such efforts.

To support the implementation of the strategy of progressive economic modernisation as an efficient way to upgrade Kazakhstan's competitiveness, we need to ensure the growth of innovative culture, encourage innovative activities of all innovative infrastructure entities and expand interaction between such entities, ensure science and business integration and strengthen the public and private partnership. These are the objectives that the Astana Mining & Metallurgy 2013 Congress can tackle. To this end, it is strategically important to have this Forum.

I wish you every success in your endeavours and new creative achievements!

A.A. Zharmenov

General Director, National Centre for Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
Laureate of the RK State Prize,
Member of the RK National Science Academy,
Doctor of Technical Science, Professor


Dear participants and visitors,

On behalf of Kazgeologiya National Geological Exploration Company, I would like to welcome you to the 4th Astana Mining and Metallurgy 2013 international congress.

It must be mentioned that today's achievements related to the industrial and innovative development of our country have been made due to close interaction between companies in mining, metallurgy and geology. This again shows that the goal of effectively developing and assimilating Kazakhstan's unique mineral and raw materials base can be achieved only through joint efforts. Currently, large innovation projects related to exploration, production and processing of mineral raw materials are being carried out in the industry.

Today, Kazgeologiya National Geological Exploration Company, created on the initiative of the Head of State, is carrying out a policy aimed at replenishing the mineral and raw materials base and transferring innovative technologies to geological exploration, in order to promote stable development of mining and metallurgy in the Republic of Kazakhstan and of the country's economy in general.

I believe that today's event will allows us to expand the borders of cooperation and to identify ways to meet existing tasks.

I would like to wish all participants and visitors of the congress productive work and success in searching for new ideas and in achieving large-scale plans and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Galym Nurzhanov
Acting Chairman of the Board
Kazgeologiya National Geological Exploration Company


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's my pleasure to greet the participants and guests of the 4th International ASTANA MINING & METALLURGY CONGRESS on behalf of Kazzinc!

It took just a few years for the Congress to become one of the key events in the mining and smelting sector – the basic industry in development of Kazakhstan economy. The open international dialogue makes it possible to find efficient instruments for cooperation and the ways to address the most critical mining and metallurgical and other business-related issues. The forum proved to be a viable and efficient platform for discussions and further innovative development. We evidence the growing prestige of the Congress with the range of the addressed issues continuously expanded. The social corporate responsibility and efficient subsoil use and investment activities together with the robust production development strategy emerge to prominence. These are the main priorities for all forward-looking mining and metallurgical companies that strive to be the best in all spheres of production – from notable economic results to environmentally friendly operations.

Kazzinc enjoys effective cooperation and support of the Kazakh Government in terms of its business activities and development strategy. Expansion of the own resource base, integrated mining of valuable minerals, energy conservation and greener production are Kazzinc's key targets. We also maintain the traditional and implement innovative approaches to social responsibility.

The Congress will undoubtedly contribute to generation of new ideas and give a new impulse to further integrated development of mining and metallurgical complex.

I would like to wish all participants of the Congress fruitful work and great success in their undertakings.

Nikola Popovic
Chairman of the Management Board
Kazzinc Ltd


Dear participants of IV International Mining and Metallurgy Congress «Astana Mining & Metallurgy»!

This forum has become a traditional place for meeting business community and government bodies to discuss important industry-specific issues.

Sustainable growth of mining and metallurgical sector of Kazakhstan in current instability of world market is a top priority. Like the most of the largest mining and metallurgical companies, we have got certain achievements on optimization of production, decreasing expenses and implementation of innovative projects.

In the first instance it's the construction of new ferroalloys plant in Aktobe which is included in the Map of Industrialization of Kazakhstan. The plant with capacity of 440 ktpa will produce its first ferrochrome in 2013. A full-featured aluminium cluster will be formed in Kazakhstan in this year. The Anode Plant at KAS will produce 136 kt of anodes per year. In Kostanay region we are committed to move from production of iron pellets to HBI production. The new plant at SSGPO is expected to produce nearly 1.8 mt of HBI with 90% of iron.

We create new productions around our largest companies to eliminate dependence on foreign suppliers. Cranes and metal structures are provided by ENRC's Pavlodar machinery plant. Special coke is produced at Shubarkol Komir that also belongs to ENRC. Moreover, other companies of the industry are buyers of this commodity too.

We continue reconstruction of power units at Aksu power station. Thus we contribute in independence of power sector of Kazakhstan.

ENRC has become a traditional partner of AMM. In this year we have established our own nomination of the Competition "Golden Hephaestus" – "The Best Solution in the field of energy saving".

But the main wealth of ENRC is people, not plants. Therefore the company established special nomination "Media project of the year" for the Best journalistic work about the Labour man in mining and metallurgical industry.

I believe that dialog within the plenary sessions of the Congress allows to elaborate active measures to maintain sustainable development of mining and metallurgical sector.

I wish productive work to all participants of IV International Mining and Metallurgy Congress «Astana Mining & Metallurgy»!

Kind regards,

Felix Vulis, Chief Executive Officer, ENRC PLC


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Representative Office of the Russian Federation in Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome the participants and guests of the 4th International Astana Mining & Metallurgy -2013 Congress and to congratulate you with its opening.

During the years of the AMM Congress existence, it has become the most important event in mining and metallurgical complex by means of combining the specialists of mining and metallurgical industry, presenting the modern achievements, new technologies and modern ideas.
This is the place for effective dialogue that allows building a long-term relations and provides the development in future.

We are glad to have Russian companies participating in this Congress that can be considered as the proof of their successful work at this market.

I wish all participants and guests of the Astana Mining & Metallurgy-2013 the prosperous contacts, to reach the goals planned for this Congress, new partners and friends, success and luck in business!

Trade Commissioner
of Russian Federation
in the Republic of Kazakhstan

A.V Yakovlev


On behalf of European Business Association of Kazakhstan, we are delighted to welcome the participants of the "AMM-2013" IV International Mining and Metallurgy Congress!

The Astana Mining and Metallurgy Congress has been a prestigious event of the Mining and Metallurgical industry highlighting progress, achievements and the latest technology developments.

The Mining and Metallurgy industry is one of the major drivers of economic growth in Kazakhstan, and over the past years we have witnessed strong investments coming into this industry helping to expand the footprint of Kazakhstan in the global map.

The IV International Mining and Metallurgy Congress provides an excellent opportunity to open up a constructive dialogue between the government representatives, investors and other industry stakeholders to discuss the current issues and prospects for the industry.

We thank ITE Group Plc and their partner in Kazakhstan Iteca Ltd. for organising The IV International Mining and Metallurgy Congress and wish success to all participants!

With best wishes,

Mark Smith
EUROBAK Chairman

Julie Kussidi
EUROBAK Executive Director