Results of the «Golden Hephaestus-2019»


The winners of the anniversary Republican industry competition "Golden Hephaestus" were awarded on June 12th, 2019, in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city. The winning nominees received well-deserved recognition of their professional achievements among the leading MMC experts and, of course, a financial award, and the winning student with the Best diploma of the year will be accepted for an internship at one of the world's leading mining and metallurgical companies.

The Golden Hephaestus Award is the most prestigious award in the mining and metallurgical industry of Kazakhstan and has particular importance for professionals and young specialists. Ten years ago, the first Golden Hephaestus statuette was presented to Nursultan Nazarbayev, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whereby setting a high level of professional and innovative requirements for the projects of the future competition participants.

Today, more than 350 mining and 270 metallurgical companies with more than 200 thousand employees are engaged in the industry.

In 2019, 184 specialists in the field of geology, mining and metallurgy, employees of design, scientific, educational institutions, and enterprises, as well as journalists who write about the mining and metallurgical industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan, fought for the right to have the Golden Hephaestus Award.

Golden Hephaestus 2019 included 13 nominations, the winners of which were both specialists and experts, as well as entire companies that applied new approaches in business processes: Professional of the Year (Geologist of the Year, Miner of the Year, Metallurgist of the Year), Project of the Year, Leader of the Year in Innovation, Leader in Kazakhstan Content, Scientist and Teacher of the Year, Diploma Work of the Year, Media Project of the Year (Best journalistic work on MMC in printed media and Internet resources, The best journalistic work on the MMC on TV, The best journalistic material on the Worker at the MMC (special award from the Eurasian Group (ERG), Best digital solution in MMC (Special award from the Eurasian Group (ERG) and the Best foreign partner.

During the award ceremony, the names of the winners were announced.

20 leading representatives of the profession were competing in the Geologist of the year nomination.Jafarov Nizami Najafogly, General Director of Asbestovoye exploration enterprise LLP was recognized as the best.He developed a geological and genetic model for the formation and preservation of chrysotile asbestos deposits, compiled a map of the mineralogical zoning of Kazakhstan, and determined the mineral resource potential of chrysotile asbestos in the country. Today, exploration work to study many deposits in Kazakhstan, and Russia is being carried out under his leadership.

Chernobrovkin Igor Yuryevich, Technical Director and Chief Engineer in Copper Technology LLP, has won in the Miner of the Year nomination. Over the years of his career, he optimized the parameters of drilling and blasting works, which allowed to increase the output from one linear meter. Besides, he developed technologies for mining ore exits on the limiting contour of the quarry, and also reconstructed ore depots for better ore averaging.

Kassymbetov Beksultan Zhumadildinovich, Chief Engineer of the Balkhash copper smelter, Kazakhmys Smelting LLP, was recognized as the Metallurgist of the Year. Beksultan Zhumadildinovich took an active part in the reconstruction and improvement of units and technology in the company's smelter. He took an active role in the modernization of the electric ore smelting furnace at the Zhezkazgan smelter. Currently, this smelting technology is the only one that can completely process Zhezkazgan raw materials.

The Digital Mine project, sponsored by employees of AK Altynalmas Joint-Stock Company, is the holder of the Project of the Year Title. The project is implemented as part of digital technologies and elements of Industry 4.0. The project provides for the automation of underground and opencast mining, the automation of gold mining factories, several levels of integration with the ability to obtain information about the production process online and perform sophisticated analytics to make decisions.

The largest international company producing and processing natural resources - Vostoktsvetmet LLP Kaz Minerals Group became the Leader on Kazakhstan Content.

The "National Center for the Integrated Processing of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan" with the project "Integration of Scientific Development in the Regional and International Innovation Environment" was recognized as the Innovation leader.

The new nomination Best Digital Solution in MMC (special nomination from the Golden Partner of the Prize - ERG) was the most expected. The winner was Kazzinc Company and its New business analytics project. This project was launched based on the gold mining company Altyntau Kokshetau, which is a Kazzinc subsidiary.

New business analytics allows you to fully automate the preparation of shift-daily production reports, including all processes, from geological exploration to production of finished products at the processing plant.

Those who train highly qualified personnel for the industry were honored at the award - the professor of the Department of Nanotechnology and Metallurgy of the Karaganda State Technical University, academician, doctor of technical sciences Isagulov Aristotel Zeynullinovich became the Scientist and Teacher of the Year.

Talented young specialists - the future of the country's mining and metallurgical industry, also were not ignored, and Madenova Yerkezhan Kenzhebekkyzy became the holder of the Diploma Work of the Year title with her work on: "An integrated, automated web tool for the design of pillars."
This year, Yerkezhan graduated with honors from Nazarbayev University, the School of Mining and Geosciences. In addition to the award, Yerkezhan got the opportunity to take an internship under the program of young specialists in the Eurasian Group (ERG).

Journalism today is of great importance in all areas of our lives, and the mining and metallurgical sector is no exception.
Some of the most anticipated nominations were dedicated to journalists.

Karyagina Svetlana Alexandrovna and her publication, “So far, everything works only in theory,” was declared the winner of the “Media Project of the Year - The Best Journalistic Work on MMC in the Printed-Media and Internet Resources."

The award “Media project of the year - The best journalistic work on MMC on TV” was taken by Zhalgas Bazarbayevich Azganbaev and his documentary film “26th Element”, which shows the life of the heroes of the iron ore giant of Kazakhstan - Sokolovsko-Sarbaisky mining and processing production unit, which is part of the Eurasian Group.

The best journalistic material about the Man of Labor in MMC, awarded with a special prize of the Eurasian Group (ERG) - "Metallurgy by inheritance," is by Viktoria Lyakhova with her material "Metallurgy by inheritance," published in the journal "Mining and Metallurgical Industry."

The FLSmidth company, which works in the Kazakhstan market in cooperation with KazMinerals and its partner companies, won in the Best foreign partner nomination.
The continued presence of FLSmidth engineers at the Aktogay and Bozshakol fields allows local staff to have access to advanced knowledge about the equipment and technologies of the world leader in the supply and maintenance of technological equipment.
It is important to note that every year, the prestige of this award is growing. Over the past ten years, more than 120 industry experts and organizations have received the award. And thanks to the holding of the World Mining Congress in Kazakhstan in 2018, the Golden Hephaestus Prize has also received worldwide recognition. This was made possible primarily thanks to the comprehensive support of the Ministry of Investment and Development and the leading partner of the event - the Eurasian Group (ERG).

The contest "Golden Hephaestus" is held as part of the AMM Mining and Metallurgical Congress. Event organizers - Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company