Geologist of the Year

The Golden Hephaestus competition is a unique opportunity for MMC specialists to show themselves. A relatively simple application procedure allows everyone who contributes to the development of the country's mineral resources to take part in the competition. Waiting for the competition results is always an exciting moment for the participant, especially when it comes to your profession, to which you dedicate all your life. It was exactly forty years ago, when I, as a young specialist, arrived in Kazakhstan after my graduation from Baku University. I am a geologist, and I am always proud of my profession because I deeply understand the role and importance of geological exploration works for the industry and the country. I enjoyed the high level of award ceremony organization, where top officials of the industry presented the cherished statues in a solemn atmosphere in the presence of a large number of industry representatives and foreign guests. The cultural program of the award ceremony was especially spectacular. After the award, which was a great, pleasant surprise for me, not only our Kazakhstani participants of the Congress but also many foreign guests came to me and congratulated me on the high award. Of course, it is nice to receive the award, but it means a great responsibility, and I hope that I can continue to prove the high status of the winner of the competition.

I want to express my gratitude to the organizers of the competition for the opportunity to participate in it and for the high level of the event, and also to the members of the competition committee for the high appreciation of my work.

Best regards, Nizami Dzhafarov

Metallurgist of the Year

I am deeply grateful to the organizers of the Competition for the opportunity to participate in it, and especially for the high appreciation of my work and the Golden Hephaestus award.

Doing our work day by day, sometimes we forget about the importance of the mission we perform, working to the benefit of our country, and that our example can motivate the young generation to choose our challenging, but a patriotic profession.

I wish all winners of the Competition to continue their noble cause to the benefit of our motherland, and I wish organizers new exciting works and the most worthy winners!

Kassymbetov Beksultan Zhumadildinovich, Chief Engineer of the Balkhash copper smelter, Kazakhmys Smelting LLP

Leader of the Year on Innovations

The Golden Hephaestus annual competition took place on June 12th, 2019, within the frame of the International Mining and Metallurgical Congress AMM 2019.

The National Center on Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Materials was awarded the prize in nomination Leader of the year on innovations for the cycle of its scientific developments introduced on the MMC enterprises of Kazakhstan, in CIS and non-CIS countries.

The Golden Hephaestus was awarded in a solemn atmosphere to the General Director of the National Center on Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Materials Zharmenov Abdrasul Aldashevich by the executive secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mereke Kudaibergenovich.

It is delightful that our research center was awarded in the nomination "Leader of the Year on Innovations." Because only the development of science leads our modern society to progress.

Best regards, Lyazzat Shamganova, Deputy Director on Scientific Works, D.A.Kunayev Mining Institute, a corresponding member of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Engineering Science

Scientist and Teacher of the Year

Today, thousands of school leavers have already chosen their future profession, and some of them are still searching. Among the variety of jobs, some determine the development of human civilization over the millennia. One of them is a profession of a metallurgist, surrounded with legends, requiring fearlessness, remarkable willpower, perseverance, knowledge and experience. No wonder that this profession opened doors for our First President - Elbasy N.A.Nazarbayev. Respect to the profession associated with fire and metal is reflected in the fact that the surname Kuznetsov (Smith, Schmidt, Kowalski, etc.) is one of the most common in the world. Metallurgy is a complex process, which includes the experience of thousands of years, and still, it is top requested in the age of digitalization. It is a composition of science, best practices, and high art. Probably, this is a reason why metallurgists have their own Oscar - the Golden Hephaestus.

I am twice lucky to become an engineer metallurgist because, for 38 years, I work in the Karaganda State Technical University and prepare competitive engineers with an innovative mindset, who can solve technological tasks of modern production.

At present, over 900 students are studying on the mining and metallurgical department of our University. I, as a participant of the award ceremony, was inspired by the fact, that the Golden Hephaestus award is recognized worldwide. The organizers of the award ceremony brilliantly held an event with the use of modern technology - a creatively developed program. I acquired many new friends. Everything was just excellent. Thank you for the celebration!

Issagulov Aristotel Zeinullinovich, first prorector KarSTU, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, member of the Kazakh National Academy of Natural Science

Media project of the Year - Best journalist work about the Mining&Metallurgical complex on TV

The mining and metallurgical sector has a special place in the economy and development of the state. Kazakhstan, having in its assets all elements of the Mendeleev's table, during the whole period of its independence, actively extracts and processes natural resources.

No doubts, behind all of this, is excellent efforts of our miners, ore dressers, metallurgists and all MMC workers. In most cases, they are ordinary working-class people, who day by day do their job. Thanks to such industrial competitions as the Golden Hephaestus we can not only learn more about them but also have the privilege to distinguish their efforts on the national level.

I went down to many pits of the country and visited different mines. Our team tried to demonstrate to the viewers the efforts of miners using special journalistic stories and documentary films. One of the films was called "the 26th element", where the viewer saw the work of the iron-ore giant - Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskiy mining and processing plant.

I am glad that this film won the Golden Hephaestus award in nomination Best journalist work about the Mining&Metallurgical complex on TV. It is twice as pleasant that we were awarded jubilee statuette. The Golden Hephaestus award is not only a motivation for further development, but it is a responsibility to justify the hopes of the national industrial competition.

I want to express my gratitude to Iteca Exhibition company for the excellent level of organization. I would especially note the use of information technology during the competition, efficiency, and excellent organization of the gala ceremony. I thank all the organizers and wish you success at the new events!

Azganbayev Zhalgas Bazarbayevich

Diploma work of the year

For me, participation in the Golden Hephaestus competition was exciting and interesting. For me, as a graduating student, appraisal of my work by experts and award in nomination “Diploma work of the year” was an indicator of all work performed.

The Golden Hephaestus competition has inspired me to start the next project, and I am very thankful for that. I believe that such contests motivate MMC specialists and give them more confidence for further development.

I'd like to notice that the competition, including the award ceremony, was held on a high level, which was proved by the shine and joy in the eyes of its participants. I thank all organizers for inspiring event and wish prosperity and success!

Madenova Yerkezhan Kenzhebekkyzy, Nazarbayev University, Faculty: School of Mining and Geosciences